Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Run and hide!!!!! Ode to Idaho, Blog Challenge

This is what I want to do today LOL, I am COVERED in boxes and cleaning YUCK! I can not wait to be done. At the same time though, I am starting to feel a little sad. I look around this apartment and think, WOW, We are moving, this will no longer be our place, I am going to miss it. I am going to miss this little office room with the bay windows that I look out everyday when I sit here to work, spend time on the computer, I have watched all the seasons come and go here, it's been beautiful. I am going to miss having super walmart (there are no super walmarts in our area in CA) right next door, and all the neat shops and stores in our apartment parking lot (Hollywood video in walking distance, they LOVE us there too lol, I will miss the HW Video gang lol), I will miss having the REC center next door too, I have enjoyed our family walks on the trail so much! But most of all, the number one thing I will truly miss, is....well it's kinda hard to put in words, I guess I want to say, our family "BOND" we have made here, though we have had good and not so good times here, our family of four has really truly bonded. Not that the bond will be broken once we leave, it's just, well, this special feeling I get when I think about it. LOTS of memories here.

I have a CRAZY todo list from HE- double- hockey sticks today lol. It involves lots of cleaning and packing. I am a little slow with it today. Updating my blog was one of the things on the list so at least I started it right LOL ;)

Here is the weds blog challenge from the PUB...
Listyour ten all-time favorite TV shows, list ten shows that you've never cared for and any other feelings you might have about television! ~

My 10 All time favorite TV shows are
1. Buffy the vampire Slayer
2. Angel
3. Gilmore girls
4. Roswell
5. Real World
6. My so called life
7. Lost
8. Punky Brewster
9. Project Runway
10. well this one is for all reality tv lol I LOVE it, love shows like Big Brother etc

I will have to think of my least favorite lol

Okay I better get back to my TODO list, Have a great day!


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  1. I was HOOKED On Real World!!!! LOVED that show!