Monday, January 8, 2007

My day in a nut shell, yep the boring stuff....

I was up early this morning, watched a little news, did a load of laundry and then got Austin ready for school, took him and then came back to get ready for work. Today went by pretty fast. I have been home for a couple hours now and SHOULD be doing homework for school tomorrow, but instead I am stuck here LOL, online of course. After I finish blogging I will get to it.

My mother came home today from her long trip/vacation to Ireland. Well, my dad should be at the airport picking her up as I type this. I thought about calling her when I thought she would be home and rested in, but I think I will actually wait until tomorrow. Normally when she gets home from these vacations, she is really tired from getting up early, the LONG plane ride home and the emotions of leaving her family behind. I am sure she will be fine with me calling tomorrow. I spoke to my dad this morning about visiting some time this week, my grandparents will be at their house for most of the week, My grandpa goes in for surgery. I am sure everyone would like to visit and see the boys.

So last night while I should have been in bed resting for my job today LOL, I decided to read instead, I read the whole " A child is born" it was good, I certainly learned alot more about how a baby is made LOL, this coming from a mother of almost three. It was good.

I think this coming week is gonna be a busy one lol, I have a FEW layouts I need to submit to ST and their current call, then my LRS DT KIT should be here soon so I will have that to work on, plus ebay stuff, I LOVE it :)

LOL okay I know this post was a bit boring but hey, my mind is on the homework I should be working on right now lol, so I better get to that. TTYS


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