Friday, April 8, 2005

Over and Over again

LOL Sometimes I wonder why I even bother cleaning, I spent the whole day cleaning. I have a HUGE todo list posted at LM today and have been working off it. Well, I spent about two hours going through the boys room, I put all the clothes away they threw out of their dressers, all the million and one toys they have, put video games away, put all the disney movies back in their right boxes, and organized the books. Them I came back to my office/scraproom to read the boards at LM and Two peas. I was only in here for 5 minutes, when Austin calls me back to their room, I get in there and it is a huge mess :(, The clothes from the hamper are all over the room, toys, the whole diaper bag is now empty and there are diapers everywhere, I SWEAR I was only gone for 5 minutes LOL. So I had to re clean that room. I did a full cleaning of the kitchen, dining room and living room, hallway and our room. They only thing left to do is the rest of the laundry and The guest bathroom. But I decided to just do that tomorrow lol. I need to finally finish my two page kits and the two layouts I wanted to submit to calls tomorrow. I also need to submit a couple more that I have done to current calls. There is a contest at LM for people who submit so that is a great goal to work for ;) I hope I get a call back soon, I am beginning to feel like my work is just not good enough anymore! I posted a layout I loved in the LM gallery last week and hardly got any comments. I know I should not let it bug me, :( but it does. Okay I better get back to work, there is still lots to do! I also need to walk a mile on the threadmill tonight :) FUN FUN FUN! ;)

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