Monday, April 18, 2005

Stats for tonight

I spent most of the day cleaning to make up for the weekend lol, I took it off to scrapbook :), After I finish laundry tonight I got on the treadmill, here are my stats for today...

Speed- 2.5
Time- 25:52
Mile- 1.01
Fat cals- 42.7
Cals- 134

I am so tired tonight but should stay up and make a new page kit for ebay. I also want to try and get one more pet page done for the paperkuts call, I was thinking of doing one of Ben (CAT) now. I am so not use to doing pet pages. I have always only scrap mostly the boys and a couple dustin or I pages. Okay well everyone is sleeping here now so I really should get back to work :)

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