Sunday, April 24, 2005

meme challenge week #1

Tenika posted a BLOG challenge in the PUB today, so I did it, this is what challenge #1 is...

a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

Tenika thought it would be fun to post a challenge, photo assignment or question that we would all answer in our blogs at the same time that week. Then we could post here when we posted so that we could all share together with each other.

"How much closer we'd all be if we stopped long enough to honor one another in a circle of show-and-tell. If we listened to one another's stories, looked at each other's creations. We're all hungry for community. We need more ways to connect. Adults still need show-and-tell. Literally." -Pam Grout "Art & Soul"

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... This week [April 24th- May 1] we are going to paint. online. ARTPAD You have 4 rules.

1. Don't think.
2. Don't judge.

4. You have permission to fail, to be mediocre, to suck sewer slime. Sometimes, when we give ourselves permission to do things poorly, brilliance surfaces. JUST DO. Paint as little or as much as you want but make it your own. Post Here when you finish your masterpiece so we can all show & tell.

*Check next Sunday for Challenge #2

SO Here is what I did :) I call it "Splish and SPLAT" I used three of my favorite colors to make it :)


  1. way too go- what a fun piece!

  2. Hi Nikki...I'm so glad I read this! I missed tenika's thread...I am off to post my "work"...LOL!!!
    Great blog you have...had fun reading through it...

    Teri :)