Friday, April 22, 2005

Downward Spiral

WOW, it is so strange how I let my day be judged, I was woken up this morning by a very loud knock on the door, I had only my tank top on and undies (lol okay I know TMI but it's true, it was so HOT last night, I almost opened a window), anywho it was the Mailman and he had my Lifetime moments package (The month Kit), LOL do you think if I flash him a little leg he would have another scrapbooking package for me ;) lol, so I brought it in and sat down on the couch to get ready to open it. I noticed right away something seemed a little off, kinda like the box did not feel strong, I guess you can say. That is when I noticed the tape had been cut and the box had been opened, it had nothing to hold it closed. I then opened it to find the famous "PINK" crinkles, under them I could see the baggie that held the kit embellishments, it was cut opened but looked like everything was there. I then checked the tray, it looked perfect, so I pulled the Kit sheet out and check to make sure it was there, of course the whole time I was doing this I was drooling over the Kit contents. Yep everything was there now it was time to really DROOL over the kit lol, It's by far my favorite kit yet, LM does a wonderful job with their LM kit club! This kit had 11 sheets of the new MOD "Daydream" line (so light blues, oranges, white and green colors), 6 sheets of bazzill 12x12 cardstock in orange, green and light blue to match the patterned paper, MOD matching Pillow Chips (these things are so neat looking), a package of bazzill BIG buttons, a package of scrapworks bumper frames in orange, A package of 3/16 orange american crafts eyelets, 1 yard of 3/8 orange check ribbon, 1 yard of orange ric rac ribbon, 1 yard of 1/8 light blue center stitched ribbon, 1 yard 5/8 khaki/white grossgrain dots ribbon, 1 Acrylic 12x12 paper tray (I have 8 of these now for these monthly kits) and the exclusive Mobe' Stamp!

I truely LOVE this kit, it has got to be my favorite out of them all so far, only thing I did not really like and only because it is so odd to add to a layout, was the Mobe" Stamp, it is a long stamp that says "WHO:, WHAT:, WHERE:, WHEN: AND WHY:" why would we need this for a layout? To me this is more for a invitation card. LOL and Dustin was being silly with it, he said I can stamp it on my layout and say WHERE: "we took the kids to the beach" When: :this summer", WHO: "the kids" etc, he is so silly sometimes, he made me laugh, he always makes light out of things when I am a little negative about something, I love that about him, he is never negative, he always finds the brighter side of things, he is a good guy!

Okay so my point to this entry title lol "Downward Spiral" Do you ever have one of those days where one bad thing happens and it pretty much ruins your day, where any little thing that happens you chalk it up to that one thing that set your day off in a bad direction? Well I am one of those people who normally do this, I decided today to try not to do this! I need to start thinking more positively, one bad thing happens I need to soak it up and get over it, then move on, not let it ruin my whole day.

I was involved in something that kinda unfoiled today, The whole thing had me so confused and hurt for over a week now, I only told a couple friends about what happened just to get their opinion on what I should do. It's hard not knowing what is going on when your only given half the info on things. I did speak to a couple people today and feel alot better that I know what is going on now, but feel really bad about the outcome :(

Okay well I need to get back to laundry, it is wash bedding day, OH JOY lol and I am about half way through. Okay so I cheated on my diet too today :( We had Wendy's for lunch lol, I could NOT pass on Wendy's YUMMY french Fries lol They are so GOOD :)


  1. Nikki - your boys are so beautiful - I love the pics! You are going to have so much fun scrapping them!

    Are you sure the mobe stamp isn't supposed to be 5 stamps instead of 1?

    OH and as for the mean people - I'm so sorry! I wish the whole thing would go away.

  2. Awwww Thanks Mely, I was happy about the vintage car one, now I can do a rusty vintage theme layout :)

    Hmmmm the mobe stamps might be 5 stamps in one lol, Miranda said it is a journaling stamp, I will have to play around with it a little.