Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yuck, cleaning today

Well I have spent the week working on assignments and EBAY stuff so today will be spent cleaning, ewwwwwwwww, and boy do the boys have a nasty mess in their room for me ~Sigh~
I want to also move the furniture around in my room, I am thinking about taking one of my Scrap shelves down from the wall and folding up the 8ft scrap table and just moving my dresser back in it's place, I have enough room on my 4ft table to work and I can add one of the shelves and 3 drawer tubs to it for the extra storage. The room is just to small for both a bedroom and a scraproom and lol my scraproom has taken it over. So it's time to get some of my room back lol plus I want the light in there again, One of my huge dressers is sitting in front of the window now so not much light comes in. I like the light in the room, makes me feel more creative.

I am on pins and needle about My scrapworks entry, TOMORROW is the day the new DT is posted on the scrapworks website. I really want this, as well as many others, I want to work for a company who's products I love to use and the creative part comes easy for me. I have been sitting here wondering who will make it, what styles, etc. The whole choosing a DT must be so hard for companies, so many people try out and you have to narrow it down, you want to pick the best for your team but you also feel bad about those you can't take on.

Okay I better get to work on the cleaning and Lunch for everyone. TTYS


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