Monday, January 9, 2006

I am still here, kinda...

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks, the holidays, the finishing up of the charity auction, we went to California for Christmas (and found out a couple of good things for our families future while we were there), plans for our move, etc. The boys were REALLY sick all through Christmas, I posted about what "fun" I had with that at LM, it lasted past Christmas, I got a couple days of a break and now they are both sick with colds. I have been super busy with Scrapbooking this past week. I had my CHA Winter items to work on and finish for MD and then my LRS DT kit came a few days ago so I have been busy with that, sick kids, cleaning the house all day (eyeroll) and demanding husband, I have not had much time for the computer or anything else. I usually have a not so busy month, (one dt I get to work with every other month) and the other is really easy, just scrapbooking with their awesome supplies. But this month it all came at me all at once, it's so funny how that happens. I have been super good spirited about it all, getting my work done and things done here at home, not letting anything get me down. But then something always seems to happen to me when things are going good that takes that confidence away, and now I feel like shit, I am beginning to think that I should never feel happy about anything because then I don't have to feel this crappy feeling either. Wishing I could crawl back into bed now, but I can't, While I was in my 5 minutes shower that I got to sneek in while I thought the boys were good watching their cartoons, all heck broke loose, so now I have a couple big chores ahead of me. Just wanted to get on and update those of you who were sweet to email me and see how I was doing. I'm okay, I'm alive just super busy this month. Things will be normal again next month.


  1. nikki I am so glad to see you again! I miss hearing from you and hope that things start going a bit smoother for you. Much Love chica!

  2. been wondering about you. Hugs