Saturday, September 2, 2006

WOW! What a day!

Right now I just need to take in some air and exhale.

What a day! It was simple amazing! We all woke up pretty early. We slept in the front living room at MIL'S (second to the last night here lol) I fell asleep watching the Degrassi marathon (LOL stop laughing at me I said before it is one of my favorite teen-ie shows lol). MIL treated us to breakfast at the country in, I had a Bacon omellet YUM! Then we all came back and started packing what we have had here for the last 4 months (while waiting for our house to be built). I logged online to check email and found one from Alannah from Arctic Frog saying I was in the Top 10 for AF DOND again. I was so excited :). We moved that load into the new house and came home to get ready for D's uncles 50th B-day dinner at Maggiano's "Little Italy" in Santana Row. I called to tell my mom and dad that things were still on (I called earlier to cancel because I was just going to stay home so I could go to the AF DOND chat lol) for the boys coming over while we went to the resturant. We drove the boys over. I got to meet and see my great Aunt Ruby and Great uncle Sammy who are in town and staying with my folks from Ireland. I LOVE their accents :) It was wonderful to meet them. They are "jewlery" people in Ireland and my aunt Ruby brought both my sister and I these amazing gold bracelets. They are Goregous! (I am wearing mine now lol), we had a quick visit ( we would be back after dinner) and were off to Maggiano's.

This place was amazing! There were 10 of us so we did the party ordering, we got to pick two of each course, (I had no idea how this works but later learned that eating out like this is a 2+ hour meal lol) First the waiters/service was awesome! They start you off with bread lol, 10 minutes later you get the first Apps and salads, 20 minutes it's the first entree', and so on until you get to the two desserts. We got there at 5:15, seated at 5:30. so Half way through and after the first entree, Dustin and I had to leave so I could come play DOND :) or at least see if I would be playing lol, MIL said If I was not chosen we could come right back (the resturant is only a couple blocks away.) I honestly thought I would be right back.

So we get in the car and it is 6:45pm, I am like Dustin, I need to be logged in to the computer by 7pm to see if I get to play tonight, so we went down the three floors or the parking garage and he took short cuts home (MIL'S) lol, lol not to many since it's not that far away lol. I walk into the house at 6:55pm and log into the AF chat at 6:57pm lol. Just making it. There were so many great ladies from LM there, I was so excited to see them all :) Even my dear friend Kristie was there, I can not tell you how happy i was to see her :) And of course Miss Susan. I don't know if any of you have been in a DOND chat before but just the chat part is awesome! Alannah said she was going to call out the players name for tonight, guess what happens LOL, I logged out of chat LOL. (I had to do this a few times tonight, MIL computer is so strange, I would hit enter or the backspace button and it would log me out of chat lol) Anyways, she called MY NAME! (shocked!). I was so nervous and excited! I had such a great time, and I walked away with amazing prizes, I am now the proud winner of a few lines of AF paper and rubons, I can not wait to get this package! So many great goodies I get to add to my amazingly huge collection of AF I like to hoard AHEM collect LOL. What am awesome time I had! If you have not played this game yet, you should try this coming week, the challenges are great and the chatting and game are awesome! I plan to keep doing the challenges for the rest of the game. Ohhhh and I am so buying a Hoodie and a clock (for my new scraproom) lol from the AF cafepress shop ;) I need me an AF hoodie LOL.

Okay well I need to get off of here, Dustin is telling me I should head to bed (he is right) because we have a long day of moving the rest of our stuff in tomorrow. I will be without my computer until next week :( because we had issues with the cable/highspees net company. They will be fixing it sometime next week. I will post just as soon as it is up with pictures of our new place :)


Still so excited about this awesome day! :)


  1. Nikki, I am SO glad you had such a wonderful day. You deserve it. Now don't keep me in suspense about the driving test! LOL. How did it go? Are you a woman in command of the roads now? Of course you are, but I wanna confirmation!! :) I just know you passed with flying colors. Can't wait to talk to you.
    Hugs, Kristie