Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OOPS lol ......... sorry BLOG

I totally spaced on my blog this past month, sorry about that! So much has been going on and March is gonna be another busy month for all of us. I have Work of course, School, test to take for school (two day all dayers lol), teo Doctor's appointments, two ultrasounds from the Doctor's office appointments, Austin's birthday party and camping with the whole family lol. LOTS of stuff going one. I am tired just thinking about it.

I changed the song on my blog (hee hee does that make you happy Melissa ;)) I put one of my all time favorite artists Norah Jones on. Dustin bought me her CD a few weeks ago and I have been hooked on it! It is soooooooooo GOOD! So if you like good music this is a CD you should pick up.

We found out we are having a GIRL. I had a 3D/4D ultrasound done last month after my regular (now past doctor, I switched hospitals) still could not tell what we were having because the baby was hiding her parts lol by crossing her legs. The 3D/4D ultrasound was amazing! I got a wonderful DVD of the whole thing and even got some pictures of it, One in which shows her parts lol. WE are so excited about having a girl to add to our family (although I would have been just as excited with another boy). We have had a girls name picked out since before Aidan was born so now we finally get to use it :) Her name is Adriana Isabelle (Adriana is a name I have had picked out for soooooo long, heck back when I was PG with Aidan in 2002 posted that that was the girl name I wanted) and Isabelle is one Dustin and I talked about when that old TV show Roswell was on, I loved the name from that show and now the same actress whole played Isabelle plays an Isabelle "Izzie" on my FAVORITE show "Grey's Anatomy". I also have an aunt in Ireland named Isabelle, so it is a name in the family.

I have started getting her room ready for her, since time is flying and she will be here before we know it. She is staying in our retreat room off of our bedroom (my old office) and I have moved my office to the old playroom/guest room. When she is bigger this office will then become her room. We have been picking out paint colors at Home depot, I plan on making the design myself, I have started sketching the paint designs in a notebook and we will be getting the paint withen the next week or so. I can't wait, It is going to be Mono Pink colors ( like pressed flower, strawberry freeze, exotic bloom and sugar plum) there will be circle designs that I hand make, I can't wait to get started! All furniture will be white, so it will really stand out with the painted walls.

Dustin is having such a great time with this too! Everytime we are out shopping he wants to get girlie clothes, it is so sweet to watch him. I have gone a little nuts with the girlie scrapbookproducts lol, and I am so excited because I have started working on her book already, I am making it of course a baby album BUT also filling it with BOM pages about the pregnancy, there is a cravings page of what I love eating while pregnant, a page on my FAVORITE maternity clothes ( LOVE Paris blue and american star maternity jeans), things like that. Maybe when she starts her own family (WAY down the road lol) this book/album will be helpful for her.

I have a few layouts to share here to, I just need to resize them all :)

Okay I better get back to my LRS DT work for March. I will try to post more often I promise, even if it is short and sweet lol :)




  1. a girl!! huge congrats I would love to buy pink girly stuff but we have two boys and it stays with those two! Have fun shopping!


  2. CONGRATS! baby girls are soo much fun! My baby is 6yrs old now... but still such fun. Have fun getting that room together!

  3. yay!
    baby girls are the best!