Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter, big girl Jewelry, randomness

LOL As I type I just asked my husband for the Cereal box to finish off the milk in my bowl, anyone else have to do this? lol

HAPPY Easter. We are all almost ready to go to the San Jose Bike blessing, something we have been doing as a family since Austin was born, in those 6 years we have only missed one year and it was when we lived in Idaho. PHEW I finally have a little time to breathe. I have been so busy lately which has made me so tired. But then at 8 months pregnant one tends to be more tired right? I am getting so excited to meet Miss. Adriana. She is so very active, which is the best thing ever, I love feeling her move. DH's aunt (and my boss at work) threw me the most wonderful surprise baby shower on March 23rd. I walked in to see our whole family (well the woman in our family lol, in laws and all.) it was amazing. I cried lol. I will post pictures of the goodies Miss. Adriana got later (probably tomorrow).

Austin started his first year of Little league, he is in T-Ball and LOVES it. He is a Yankee lol. I will upload pictures of that too soon.

I was going through my jewelry box this morning and realized that I have alot of junk jewelry, jewelry that I LOVE but not "real" jewelry, I mean I have some "real" pieces but a lot of cheaper stuff too, I think I need to start upgrading lol, I LOVE jewelry, I have a lot but I want fancy stuff lol. So I am going to start collecting ;) some lol and adding to what I have.

Okay I know short but sweet lol, We are now on our way out so I must go. I will post those pictures soon. HAPPY Easter again.



  1. Oh, I love high quality jewelry! It's nice to have a DH that knows what he's looking for and has good taste too (he used to sell jewelry ;) ). I like the fun, cheaper stuff, too, though. Have fun getting some new stuff. :)

  2. Well miss thang if you ever start collecting sterling silver and pearls I've got you covered. ;) You knew I was gonna come and say that though, right? Yeah I know, it still not GOLD or PLATINUM but it's cool. lol
    Glad you had a nice Easter and wow...that little girl is soon to make her appearance and I can not believe it. It seems like you only got pg last week!!!