Friday, May 25, 2007

Randomness yet again

WOW! It has been a while huh, sorry about that. We have been so super busy. This coming week is my last week of work so I should have more free time after that before the baby comes. Right now I am eating a bowl of Kellogg's raisin bran crunch (Ell-o govona, love that commercial lol) but secretly wishing I had me a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McDonald's or even better Jack in the box, mmmmmmmm.

I should be getting ready for work but I find myself here, online reading emails and playing a little catch up on blogs and posts on the MB's. Now for some randomness.....

Cars- Why is it every time we get caught up with money and bills and make plans for something really fun, the cars decide to die on us, and almost always at the same time? So my explorers brakes died, It cost $1,700+ to fix it (thankfully my folks helped us out with this because WOW, To get brakes fixed (to actually pay for just the parts involved) it is not to much money, but they really give it to you with labor costs! I mean one small piece that costs $12.99 costs $150.00 for them to put in! It was over $1000 just in labor. Fast forward to this week, D's VW bug (and hobby car) died on him, this time it's the tranny, so now that is another $1,300 we have to put into a car.

Vacation (NOT!)- So D and I have been planning this small, tiny, little vacation to the VW show in Sacramento this weekend for a while now, this time we have a babysitter for the boys (MIL) and working car (the explorer) and everything is set. Well not really now (SEE ABOVE "Cars"), I feel horrible :( Dustin really deserves this, he has been working so hard lately with both his jobs, This show was really for him, we went not to long ago here in town and took the boys, bad idea! LOL They were whiny the whole time, I think a bit of the heat and just being a bit to young to enjoy it made for the bad day, well this new trip and show was suppose to be the reward for D's hard work and said bad day above. But now that the VW Bug is in the shop, that took away any money and plans we had for this weekend. I really wanted this for him and selfishly for me, this was our chance! A chance to get away, together, just the two of us before the baby came.

Boys- Austin is doing such an amazing job this year in school, I can not believe how smart our son is! His teacher just loves him so much to, she says if she had the power to clone she would totally have a cloned Austin. I am amazed at school Austin and how differently he is from Home Austin LOL. School Austin is so well behaved, he has NEVER been in trouble, he gets awards weekly for his smarts and for how well he behaves, he is so totally smart and his favorite thing..... "MATH" where did that come from lol ;) although I was good at math (Thanks Dad) when I put my mind to it, I HATED it lol, my favorite subject was English/Reading and writing. This school year my son has learned so many things, he reads and writes, does math and can school his own mom on animal life and ocean life, he is simply amazing!
Aidan is doing great to! He has been spending alot of time with my parents (they babysit while I work), he really enjoys their company, and talks about them all the time when we are not with them. He misses them on the days I have off from work lol, it's really cute. Between swimming, Tball practice and games, school, park play and everyday life with the boys, they really keep me on my feet :)

Baby- We spent last weekend working more on her room, I took pictures (Before and afters) of the painting we did. I really like it! I chose two pink colors from the Bazzill Mono lines (LOL) and D had the guys at home depot mix us up the paint that match the bazzill samples. Her room colors are the two pinks, white and a cream/tan color. We plan to try and finish up what we can this weekend. I can not wait to finally meet her :) I am getting so close, the boys are so excited, D can't wait.

I have a million more things to say but no time to write it all out right now, I need to get things ready for work, I will try and post more tonight when I get home.



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