Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still here

sigh, I am still here with baby in belly lol. I am in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much pain this past week, contractions left and right for hours, I am sooo soooo soooo tired these days, I managed to get the house all cleaned yesterday but that was so forced! Adriana dropped a while ago and she really adds so much pressure to my pelvic area, I can feel her head down there and if I lift my leg or move it in a different position I can feel her move her head back and forth. LOL Last night I decided to take a shower before bed, I also decided it was time to "TRY" and shave, it was the hardest thing to do! I was "trying" to bend and it hurt so bad and I could tell I was upsetting her so I just gave up lol. We are getting more and more excited everyday. I worked more on her room Monday, and it so far it looks good, i will upload a few pictures today when I get home from work. Ahhhh yes I am still working LOL, can have the baby anyday now and I am still working, this is my last week though and I LOVE the paychecks lol. Plus it has helped at keeping my mind away from the pain of being so far along in this pregnancy. Okay well I better get back to getting ready for work, I will post when I get home with a few photos.



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