Saturday, August 21, 2010

Late night work in the studio/office, Things that Inspire

I decided that since we have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us (we have family and friends visiting again), that I would try and get some assignments done tonight. I am currently working on some goodies for Creative Xpress and for the new Provo Crafts Cricut commercial. Well I am working I am catching up on some shows (House wives of New Jersey, I LOVE Teresa Giudice lol, Drop dead diva, Project Runway and On the road with Austin and Santino. Watching Project runway has always been inspiring for me when I work on my designs, I also love watching America's next top model while I work, maybe it's the fashion and colors that intrigue me.

Here are some more things from flickr that are soooooo inspiring to me and get me in the mood to create with paper, glue and embellishments...

1. Remembrance of Golden Afternoons, 2. Crystal, 3. macro water play, 4. Nesting Season, 5. Hope..., 6. Lovely Lilacs..., 7. Old Scale and Eggs, 8. wind poetry, 9. Untitled, 10. Vintage flowers, 11. circle of roses 2, 12. Vintage Blue, 13. fun, 14. A Dedication, 15. Larimar

Beautiful right? There are so many talented photographers on Flickr. I just love spending time there (and etsy) looking at all the beautiful pictures.

I have about half of our family Beach "Santa Cruz" pictures edited and as soon as I finish (there were over 500 and I narrowed it down to downloading 200 to be edited lol. I won;t share all 200 of them, but I will share my favorites, so be on the lookout :)

Okay, I better get off of here and go get some work done before bed. We have mini golf in the morning with a few family members along with a birthday party for one of Austin's friends.

Nightie Night!


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