Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday/Monday in a nutshell

I woke up early today and cleaned the kitchen, then got ready for work. Work went by pretty quickly. I got home picked up D and Aidan and we all ran a bunch of errands, picked up stuff at Carols for work the rest of the week, then headed to safeway for grocerys, we got 3 nights of food for $23 that was pretty good :) Then we picked up Austin from school. Since being home I have made a few lists of things I will need to do this coming weekend, Grocery shopping for the next two weeks, FINALLY getting our tree lol, Christmas shopping (just a couple things for each boy) bills, Friday I am having lunch with my Best Friend, and Saturday I am having lunch with my dad, and some where I plan on spending some time at Barnes and Nobles. I LOVE it there!

This last Saturday while MIL took the boys I went to Barnes and Nobles and spent 4 1/2 hours there lol. I grabbed a few SB magazines and a couple books and sat down on the floor down the Stephen King/Dean Koontz section (my favorite) I thumbed through a book called "Happy Housewives" by Darla Shine, It was so funny and I am adding that to my wishlist LOL. I also read a whole book called "Cold cases" (Lisa you would love this book, just like the shows on court tv and A&E, ALOT of cases I have never seen before). I could not put this book down so I read the whole thing. I did do a lap around the store to see if any of the lounge chairs were vaccant BUT they were all taken (my butt started hurting after about three hours sitting on the floor with my back against a bookshelf) one was even taken by a stack of magazines and when I tried to move them LOL, a girl from behind a bookcase said that was her spot "did you not see the magazines" UM okay yes but I had no idea Magazines could hold places DUH on my part "eyeroll" (I had grade school flashbacks of Becky saving lindas chair with her hair tie). So I went back to my corner with Dean and Stephen, I like it better down there anyways, LOL would people think I was nuts if I brought one of those folding chairs in a bag (you know the kind lol, people bring them to ballparks or camping and popped a squat in my section with stephen and Dean? Maybe I will do that next time. Heck my excuse? I am pregnant people lay off me LOL ;)

Alright I have homework to do and a bit of a sweet tooth, I am going to go get a spoonful of rainbow frosting from the fridge and hit the books before bed. Nightie night

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