Sunday, January 16, 2011

My French Toast and Turkey Bacon Tutorial

I was woken up this morning to my whole family in my bed asking me to make them all breakfast this morning. Being the good mommy and wifey I am, I accepted :) What's on the menu? They requested French toast and turkey bacon. I decided to take you all along for the ride...

I started off with the bacon. We pretty much only eat chicken or turkey in our house when it comes to "meat" foods; so we eat turkey bacon on the rare occasion when we do eat bacon.

I love the Jennie-O turkey products.

I add about 5 piece in the pan at a time at medium heat and flip them every two minutes or so, until they are browned. I take them off a bit early (when they move around and are not stiff like normal pig bacon.) Turkey bacon tends to burn faster if you don't take it out of the pan about 7-8 minutes after flipping it on both sides a few times.

Now moving onto the french toast. I have no idea where I picked up making french toast, but this is the way I have always done it. We buy the Texas sized bread for those really fluffy big pieces of french toast. I start off by breaking 9 eggs (9 eggs is enough to feed our family of 5, you may need more or less depending on how many people you have in your family) into my glass measuring cup (the cup makes it easier to mix everything together), I add about 1/4 of a cup of milk into it. I add one tablespoon of cinnamon and one tablespoon of sugar into the mix and stir it around. Next I pour the mix into a large pan so I can tip the bread into it (it's flat).

Next I add the bread to the mix and swoosh it around, flip it over and do the same. I then pick it up with tongs and hold it over the pan to drip a little. You want to make sure you cover the whole piece of bread.

Now I add it to the heated pan (on medium high) I cook each side for about 3 1/2 minutes, or until golden brown on each side.

I then use the tongs to pick it up and hold each side into the pan to cook all the sides and corners which still have the wet mix on it.

 When it is done cooking, just add it to your plate, add a touch more cinnamon to it, add some powdered sugar on top and you are done!

I always clean as I cook, so the mess was cleaned up a few minutes after everyone finished, so now that I have the kitchen cleaned again, it is time for me to go start the many loads of laundry I need to get done (YUCK! lol). Then I have my office to clean and Bella's room. I know boring but Sunday's are usually my BIG deep cleaning days, so I better go get back to it! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Listening to "Donell Jones"- All about the sex,  while writing this post.

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  1. mmmm i love french toast and never have i thought to put cinnamon or sugar into the egg. Ill have to try that for the kids next time I cook it :)