Monday, October 16, 2006

mmmmmm So it starts

Yep, so it starts lol, I have been craving everything this past weekend, the never ending tummy, no sickness yet, good sign maybe lol? I just finished a HUGE plate of salad and I am still hungry, again so it starts lol. I have been SO tired lately to, I finally gave up caffeine (no more soda and coffee, waaaaaaaaaaaa lol, This with the hormones would explain my last post (blush), I know better then to act like a whiny baby, sorry for those of you who read this blog.)

Today I think has got to be one of the worst days so far at work, but one you just gotta sit back and laugh at. I knew I was forgetting something the second I walked out the door this morning. I had a car full of stuff that needed to be store at the school, so I figured I had everything...WRONG, I forgot the darn box of trays, and the towels, whatever would the kids eat on. Thankfully there were some in the storage shed. One thing went wrong there and then everything went down hill from there, but I did not let it bug me, just laughed about it. Tomorrow will be better.

Speaking of tomorrow it's my birthday. Not expecting much until this weekend when D said he was taking me out :) I can't wait, maybe we could even see a movie or go to babe's (sports bar, has awesome Cobb salad that is just to die for!) and hang out. I have to work tomorrow and of course school were I have a test (YUCK), not sure I am ready for it YIKES.

I made a BUNCH of new layouts this weekend :) that I can't wait to post :) lol I have like 15 new layouts to post now LOL (blush) sorry, I do have time this week, I have two days off of work at the end of the week YAY :)

Well I better get going, I need to pick D up from work soon. TTYS


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  1. Hey birthday twin! Congrats, just saw your siggy over on LRS about the baby!