Monday, October 23, 2006

Pregnant, my birthday, YUCK

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Tuesday October 10th we found out we are pregnant. We did not announce it to our family until the day of my birthday (Tuesday Oct 17th, so a week later) we were just trying to find the right time plus getting use to the SHOCK of being pregnant. We wanted a 3rd baby, we were just planning on trying for it next year lol, so we were very surprised, we were being safe for the most part anyways. We are very excited. My hormones are everywhere right now lol, One second I am excited and happy with the day and then one second I am grouchy and moody lol, SO IT BEGINS. Everything will remain as is, we both will continue with school, we both will still be working etc. We are hoping for a little girl to add to the mix of boys in the house lol, and so I am not so out numbered LOL, but we would be just as happy with a healthy little boy. :)

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So my 28th Birthday past last week. It was an awesome day, not only did we tell our whole family we are expecting our third child, but we got to spend the day with our families :)
First my MIL came over with that yummy MUDD pie cake in the picture up there :) but then my parents called and wanted to take us out to eat. We chose Chevy's, a Yumm-o Mexican restaurant. My dad had to cancel at the last minute because he forgot he had signed up for a class that night in Frisco, so it was just us and my mom. It was sooooooooo good, I had a Fajita burrito, D had Fajitas, and the boys had Quesadillas. After dinner we went back to my parents house where my mom had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for me :) (wow I am a lucky girl, two cakes in one day lol) It was soooooooooo good, vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake. It was an awesome Birthday!!!! :)

Yuck I have had some what of a rotten day today, WAY to much whining so I will not bore you with that, I am ready to finish the laundry and my homework and head to bed lol. I just wanted to make sure I updated my blog with what has been going on lately. I will try and post more often ;)


PS I got an A on my test last week at school YAY :) I took it on my birthday lol

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  1. glad your birthday was wonderful! :) You deserved a special day.
    Congrats again- but you already know how happy I am for you!!