Wednesday, October 4, 2006

WOW! John Mayer rocks in concerts!

WOW! Well I guess I should be tied up and shot by the bad blogger police. It has almost been a month since I last posted! SO SORRY! So much has been going on and I THINK it is slowing down a bit now lol. Not only am I working 5 days awake, but I started school to lol. I know I am nuts but it feels so good! I have also been scrapbooking alot more, which is nice :) I will post a few layouts I have done in the last week in a half here either tonight or tomorrow (depends on if I want to resize right now or tomorrow lol).

So BIG HUGE exciting news (no I am not pregnant lol) Is that this past Sunday Oct 1st, My parents bought for me for my birthday (early since my Bday is not until Oct 17th) Tickets to the John Mayer concert. It was amazing. Bummer facter was that there were no cameras allowed and i kicked myself in the ass after the concert and after seeing all the people who smuggled theirs in lol. So I used the next best thing I had, My camera phone, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE shots lol, but I at least got something LOL. Now if I can figure out how to get them from my phone to here I will post a few lol. This concert was amazing, even Dustin enjoyed it and loved the music. John sang new songs off the new CD (gravity (this was my all time favorite of the night, it was truly something!), slow dancing in a burning room, etc) and older songs ( why georgia, no such thing, bigger than my body, etc) AMAZING concert! I did not want it to end, in fact i was sad when it ended, My two favorite guys in one place, the amazing music, songs, it was perfect, When we were leaving out of shoreline (were the concert was held) They had white Christmas lights in the trees outside and it reminded me of Johns video for "no such thing" it was perfect, and then Dustin starts to lead me back towards the entrance and he is not saying why, for a split second I thought what is it? Could it be john? My heart started to beat a little fast and then I saw it, Free posters LOL, and Dustin snatched me up the last one on the table. I was Happy needless to say and on our way out we got to sneak one last look at the tour buses :) Once again it was just an amazing night!

Okay well I need to finish a layout I am working on for the LM Scraptoberfest so i will upload those layouts tomorrow, warning, there is a bunch LOL. See you then and so sorry for the blog neglect, I hope you all don't hate me to much. (BLUSH)



  1. Wow- I think I am going to fall over- you blogged again!! LOL Hope to see you more often :) and glad you enjoyed the concert.

  2. Good to see you updating. I'm glad you got to go to the concert and had a blast. :)