Friday, October 13, 2006

Sigh, is it really worth it? WHINE WHINE

A little moody today, could be hormones (eyeroll) or the extra emotions I have been experiencing lately lol, but I am wondering "is it really worth it" To submit to magazines? I mean I have been published off and on since 2004, but it's been almost a year now since I was published in a magazine (layout that is, not cards). I stopped submitting for a while because I was getting so down about it, so I decide to give it a chance again, and sent in like 15 new layouts to Scrapbook Trends, 15!!!! I thought well lets cross those fingers and toes and pray at least one (just one) gets published, That someone has to like something of mine there again right? NOPE, nothing. Calls went out yesterday and I did not get one. I think I have a different kinda style from others, I try and make this eye catching, yes people I know "Scrapbook for the memories" not to get published, but AH! Sometimes it would be nice if at least ONE flipping layout I made, made it into a magazine again.

Okay rant over, I will try and post the new layouts I have been working on soon.

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