Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silly girl....

We woke up early this morning because my mom was coming over for her weekly visit. I put Bella in the bath, not only does she LOVE taking them (and showers, she will probably be another water baby lol, Aidan learned to swim when he was 2 1/2), but she tries to get us to give her a bath or shower a couple times a day. She loves the bubbles as you can see in these pictures. She also really loves laying on her tummy and kicking her feet behind her, almost starting to doggy paddle now. She takes her play cups, Disney Princesses, my lil ponies and little pet shop animals in there with her. Dustin and I still can't believe it when we see them all around the bathroom that use to be filled with Hot wheels, GI joes, Star Wars action figures and legos (these are now all in the boys bathroom lol). Here are the pictures.




That last one reminds me of my sister Loni, that is Bella being goofy and I remember my sister use to make a face just like it, I am sure my mom has a picture of it, it's so funny how sometimes Aidan or Bella remind me of Loni, I am almost 5 years older then my sister so my memory of her when she was little is pretty good. (I miss you sister ;) You need to come visit soon!).


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