Saturday, September 15, 2007

New music Playlist

I was blog hoping and saw that someone had this neat playlist on their blog so I thought I would make my own. It's alot like the old one only just music no videos. It took me HOURS to add almost 70 songs to it. I picked a bunch of different stuff, new and old, mostly songs I LOVE. I did get carried away with John Mayer LOL, but we all know he is my favorite ;) So enjoy the new songs and if there is something I should add, let me know :) The playlist is at the bottom of the blog page, you can chose any song on it or just listen to it all the way through, I do this when I am in here cleaning or scrapping :) Or you can just turn it off if you do not want tohear the music, it's up to you.



  1. Well, we both know how much I love the songs you put on your blog. Can't wait to listen to your playlist while I fold laundry. ;)

  2. I am thinking of adding music to mine too! Congrats on making the CX DT