Sunday, April 17, 2011

Borders books....

SO back in Jan, I received an email from one of our five local Borders (book store for those who don't know lol) that picture above was taken from my cell phone, not the greatest), they were one of over 100 stores in the US that were closing. I was upset, but at the same time happy it was not the one close to my house (my fave). From Jan-April, I received more emails from them with more discounts. Finally about two weeks ago, I received the last one saying it only had a couple days left, everything is 80% off. I never made it out to the closing and I was sad. I was just super busy with school and baseball with the kiddos right now. I had this Borders GC burning a hole in my wallet and I missed this HUGE sale!

Last week I received yet another email from another Borders close to us, it was closing as well. Everything was 40%-60% off (see picture above). I told my hubby that we needed to go, so I would not miss out again. Yesterday at my oldest son's game, my MIL said she needed my hubby's help picking up a table from Borders in another city close by. This store was only opened one more day and she bought the table at 80% off. He went and said the store still had a ton of books left. The store was closed for the night when he got home, so I asked if we could go to the one that had stuff 40%-60% off. The whole family went. Each of my kiddos got a book. I picked out two that were 40% off each. They have both been on my wish list :)

Fast forward to today. Hubby and I took Bella to the movies today to see "Hop". After the movie I told hubby that I wanted to go to the Borders that had everything 80% and that was only opened ONE more day (today). When we got there, there were signs outside saying everything was now 90% off. I felt like a kid in a candy store, or something close to what it felt like as a young child on Christmas morning! I had my phone out to take a picture but as I was trying to take it, my phone rang, so I had to close out the camera and did not get the picture :(

When I walked into the store, it was still pretty much filled with books. Mostly paperback. All children's books were gone :( so I did not get the kiddos anything, but the signs said, everything was 90% off or buy 4 books (paperback or hardcover) for $5. I went right over to the YA section first. I found 4 books that I have wanted for months!!! I was thrilled! I worked my way through the store in 15 minutes, looking at everything and adding more books to my basket. I kept thinking it was unreal, this feels like a dream! They even had all the Twilight series DVD/Bluerays for 90% off. At about 20 minutes in, a woman at one of the front registers said the store was now closing, for everyone to come up and make their purchases. I was just glad we made it there in time to see the store and get a few books. Hubby was trying to decide if he wanted to buy one of the book shelves which was also marked down along with the fans and lighting fixtures, for 90% off, which made the shelf $10. He did not get it, but might later when the one we went to yesterday gets close to the last days opened.

As I was standing in line waiting to purchase the 12 books I had in my basket, super excited for the HUGE discount I was getting on the books, I started to feel super guilty. I feel so sad that this is happening to so many book stores! One of my favorite things in life is BOOKS, always have been, I love the smell, the adventures they bring, the memories I have with them growing up, the fact that my house is a mini library lol, and of course that my children take after me, with their love of reading and books. I could not help but think, is this a sign of the future? One day will there be NO book stores? No libraries? I am not knocking the kindle or other electronic devices, but because they are such a HUGE hit now, real books and book stores are suffering. This makes me sad! This is what I thought about as I bought these 12 books that (last week while I was at the Borders (my fave) near my house picking up "City of Fallen Angels") were all selling (are still selling for there) for $17.99 each.But here I was getting 12 books and the total for those 12 books did not even equal ONE book last week.

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled for my purchases today, but it still makes me sad! So the deal I got today was, My 12 books I purchased ranged from $.90- $1.25 each. Most of these full priced were either $17.99 or $9.99 originally. I spent a total of $14.80 for all 12 books. Below is my receipt were it shows I saved $161.30.

Here are the 12 books I got, one book my hubby picked out because he thought I would like it lol...well actually he said " look at the pretty girl on the cover (MEN! lol), I think this one looks like one you would read"...not sure how to take that LOL. But for $.90 I got it, I do have some of the authors other books.

They are all now on the shelves either next to the rest of the series/Authors or just put away. I am very sad again that this has happened to Borders, but I am also thankful I was able to make it to the closing Borders today, to get these books! I am hoping to read a couple this week during Spring Break :)


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