Monday, April 18, 2011

My morning breakfast routine

Some of you know from Facebook, that for the last two years, I pretty much make this smoothie (or something close to it, most of the time I use strawberries not blackberries) everyday for breakfast, if I don't make this, I love to have a bowl of plain cheerios.

My mom got me started on the Coconut milk(1 cup) and the whey protein powder (1 scoop) ( both from whole foods, you can now get the coconut milk from pretty much any store). She just used those two things and the fruit in her morning smoothies. In time, after learning more about food, and good foods I could eat for more protein, which I love for my morning workouts, and the extra energy, I started adding more of my own touches to my smoothies. I started adding 1/2 a cup or more of the plain oatmeal, which is great for your heart! I also started adding my favorite (of all time lol) yogurt...

It's an all natural Greek yogurt called Chobani. I love to add it into my smoothies (or just eat it out ofthe tub lol), not only does it add more flavor, but it packs in alot more protein for that extra energy.
I also add a banana everytime. The banana helps make the smoothie thicker, which helps me feel more full. I love these so much! Sometimes if I am craving icecream or something sweet at night, I will make this to help the craving pass, only I leave out the whey powder and the yogurt, so it's not to many calories I am consuming late at night.

I am off to go make one now...with strawberries :) Yummers!



  1. Ooooh, it looks yummy!
    I could probably get hooked on those.

    I started eating banana nut cheerios for breakfast now... I love them!

  2. Those look yummy! I read this entry last week and recently saw the coconut milk (vanilla coffee creamer) and picked it up (AND the yogurt!)... I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were! I don't even like coconut, LOL, but needed a kick to my coffee. I am hooked now! The yogurt was awesome - It is really hard for me to get my protein in daily that i need (vegetarian), so hopefully this will help long term for me. Next, need to try those smoothies! Ha! Thanks for the info - I figured it was all good if you posted it. :)