Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am a baking fool...

And I told myself I was DONE with cupcakes last summer when I did the Baseball cupcakes for Austin's baseball team

with the handmade chocolate candies I made for them and of course the 8 hour butterfly cupcakes I made for Bella's third birthday lol.

I decided to make some Oreo cookie cupcakes to help our little league snack shack this weekend. They were super easy to make, all I did was look online for a simple recipe and I ended up using two together to make mine. They were a hit at the snack shack, and we did get to bring a couple back home with us, which made the kids super happy lol.

I also signed up to make some more cupcakes (I am asking for it lol) for the boys school walkathon in a couple weeks. Not sure what kind I am going to make yet, maybe chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes? If you have any suggestions or links, please leave a comment :)


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