Friday, August 5, 2005

The power of being positive

Well I have been up early today, I actually woke up very sick last night (BAD BAD BAD double chocolate cookie dough blizzard from DQ (bush smiley here), so I went to sleep on the couch were I could feel the ceiling fan in the dining room blowing and cooling my skin (this has always made me feel better, as a child if I was sick I would turn on the ceiling fan in my room and after a while I would feel better, like the fan was helping bring my temp down, lol does that sounds strange? Honestly it works. Well I was awoken by the sweet sounds of my youngest son talking to my husband. So I turn my head to see and My husband had him all dressed and they were heading out to work to pick up his paycheck. I layed there on the couch for a while thinking how I could easily go back to sleep right now, but just feel so excited about today that I had to get up. I have Chatterbox on the brain. If you all know me you know how much I LOVVVVVVE Chatterbox! I have since the beginning (lets just say before the paper was called "cbx walls" lol. Well before I even knew about the sale at the chatterbox offices I had people email and iming me to get them a bag I was like what the heck are you taking about, I guess they did a search to see who lived in Idaho, and My name came up on a message board. That is fine I don't mind but alot of these people I have never spoken to. So I picked 4 people to get bags for (myself is the 4th person). I can not tell you how awful this whole thing has made me feel! In a way I wish I was not going now, I feel so bad for all those ladies who I had to turn down or who keep posting about needing a bag, I so wish that I could help, but with me, the two boys and dh and not to mention what a mad house it probably will be, 4 bags is all we can handle. I was in chat lastnight with Mely and Kristie and it dawn on me. You know what I am going to do, with "MY" Bag I am going to Rak a bunch of people, yes so it's not a whole bag I just can't do that, but I can send a few goodies to a few people. So keep a look out ladies, in a week or so some people will have a surprise package in the mail. Now I am just hoping by the time I get there 12pm my time that the preferred customers have not taken everything LOL and I can get my 4 bags for everyone.

I had so much fun lastnight, I worked on a page kit for ebay (almost done) and I played online Monopoly with Kristie and Dianna, LOL Dianna has a HONKING problem, there is a button in the game that you can push and (oooooo richard marx song is on that I haven't heard since I was in JR. High :) It HONKS like a horn lol. I think I am going to call her and Kristie Honkers now lol. Hoooooooonk That one was for you guys ;) and I sooooooo wanna rematch! I actually WON a game last night, I was actually shocked lol, I always lose! Oh and Kristie cheats ;) lol (just kidding).

Okay well I better go hop in the shower now and get ready for the day. I will post more later, If it is not crazy at the CBX place I will take my camera to get pictures :) Have a wonderful day Blog readers ;)


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  1. Kristie DOES cheat!!! LOL

    That was fun--I cannot wait to do it again.

    BTW, I like the photo you posted above this entry--very nice!