Wednesday, August 17, 2005

When will I feel right?

I am in such a funk this morning, I can't seem to get my thoughts straight and I just wanna Cry. Do you ever have one of these days? I have been super depressed lately and alot of "home" personal things have gotten to me. So much so I am starting to have panic attacks, (which if you ever have had are NOT GOOD! The pain is the worst!) I went to bed simi early last night, I had to get up because at 11:00 D would be home from work and I knew he would be hungry so I fixed him something to eat. (I have been super busy this week getting things ready for our long CA trip next week) I wanted to go back to sleep, so as I am serving him his food at about 11:30 there is this LOUD annoying knock on our door. I was freaked out! WHO would be here this late? And knocking like that? AHHHH It was my BIL, I was so anrgy to see him there! At this hour and when it was time for us to go to bed! Well I guess Fil bought him a new used car yesturday and he wanted D to help him with it. Dustin tried to get him to leave but he would not listen! He is VERY stubborn! Well he was out there for 40 minutes making so much noise that I will honestly be surprised if we do not get a complaint for noise notice! I just went to my room, read the Big Brother live feed message boards and went to bed. Well I get up this morning start cleaning, Dustin is clearing off the purch and I am getting ready to carpet clean the apartment so it's nice and fresh when we get back from vacation. GUESS what, a KNOCK at the door! And it is BIL AGAIN! Darn it! He now wants D to help him install a radio in his car. I have not really seen or spent time with my DH in a week and here comes my BIL again, oh and I can not tell you the TUDE he gave me at the door, he told me to "get my brother NOW!!!!) He just turned 18 in March and now he owns the world? Geeezzz what happened to him? he use to be so sweet and I did not mind him being around.

I worked so hard this past week to get some extra money to finish paying off the bank so we would not have that debt hanging over our heads when we got back to (BTW My MIL is paying for our CA trip). I even had to auction of my Jolees collection and my dear sweet friend Kristie won them. I am so happy they are going to her and so blessed to have her in my life, she is truly a wonderful friend so talented! And just the sweetest gal ever! I am really going to miss her though :( see we are going on vacation and when I get back she will be leaving for a while, I am going to be so lost without her :(

My mother called last night to tell me that after 18 years her and my Dad are getting married while we are in CA, we are all so very excited and I am so happy I will be there to see it and my Sister YAY. She asked me what I was doing and I said I spent the day taking photos, cropping them and uploading them to inkfrog to auction off the boys baby clothes, she asked me how much I thought I would get for the HUGE 93 item lot of everything and tons of name brands, I said I was hoping for at least $100, she said she would buy them off of me so I would not have to list them and that will be her gift to her young friend at work (she already gave her our baby crib, rocking chair for nursing and stroller) I said thank you so much and she said to bring the box down with us when we go next week. My mom is awesome! I also spoke with MIL last night, lol I was trying to get (Weds plans out of her LOL) she giggled at me and said it is something fun that is close to home (her home) and we and the boys will love it. I am thinking it might be the Circus lol :)

Oh my as I was typing this the phone rang, it was BIL, now he wants D to go get him because his new car battery exploded or some excuse like that! My gosh all kinds of things are unfoiling right now :( I have to go, i'll be back later :(


Okay so D bought a new carpet cleaner (the old one gave out, I loved it too) and he comes home with this TINY little carpet cleaner lol I am going to have to take a picture of it and post it, it is so tiny! and thing is because it is so tiny it now makes my 6 hour job turn into a 10 hour job :( I am going to be carpet cleaning all day! Okay popping back off to get to work, just got on to chek my EBAY auctions :)


  1. Hope your day's get better. We miss seeing you at LM.

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I hope that you are feeling better.
    It has only been one day since you left but the internet is not the same without you.
    Hurry up and hook up your computer! LOL. Just kidding. Take your time, enjoy your visit with your family and don't forget to take tons of pictures! :) Hugs!

  3. hope you're feeling better nikki