Saturday, September 3, 2005

I'm Back :)

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YAY, It is so good to be back home (although I do miss California again!). So I had Dustin take the above picture this morning of me so I can use it for a DT picture. I hope it is okay, I hate taking pictures!

Boy have I missed my blog! I took my computer with me to CA because I thought I would be working a bunch there but MIL did not have a free phone jack for me to hook it up so I ended up using her computer for the things I did use and it was limited time in the mornings. The last week of our vacation I could not even get on because we were all just to busy. Okay lets see, well we left here Friday Aug 19th, it took us about 10 hours (my dh is a speed demon) to get to San Jose (CA). We went straight to bed that morning and the boys spent time with their grandma (bubba karen as they like to call her lol). After we got up we all went swimming in her pool. You guys this pool is amazing! I remember when they were building it (I was PG with Austin) it is a darker color blue, it has blue marbled mini tiles all around the border of the inside of the pool, it is shaped differently, it has a built in water fall that spits out 90* water (soooooo nice) and it is surrounded by LOTS of plants and trees so to me it reminds me on a lagune in the middle of the rainforest lol. We spent ALOT of time this whole vacation in that pool! Man I missed swimming and WHOA what a workout! I was starving and ready to eat a horse (not really eat a horse YUCK, just a figure of speech lol) when I got out of that pool everyday LOL. We did that for the next few days, Dustin went out with friends on tuesday and I stayed home to watch big brother lol and work on a kit for ebay. Wednesday we did not do much but swim, Thursday was my parents Wedding! The wedding was amazing! We got there early and helpped my dad and mom put up decorations, my mom was so nervous! But she looked so happy! My dad went to pick up my sister from the airport. It was so nice to see her again! I have truly missed her and am so proud of her and how she has changed er life around!

Soon lots of family arrived. It was only suppose to be a few of us but more people showed up :) It was so great to see everyone. I got pictures with my grandparents and some of the boys with my grandma. Our family friend and Chiropracter TJ (Thomas Jefferson) Osbourne (sooooooo handsome!!!!) married my parents. I remember watching my mom and dad standing there looking at eachother, tears in there eyes and even before they devoted themselves to eachother they cried. I remember the feeling I had, WOW! Their love is so true, so heart warming. It was such a wonderful wedding and day. After that we hung out for a while. My parents said they were treating everyone who wanted to come to dinner at "BABES" Sports bar (a hang out my parents love to go to and dance and have fun) It was so much fun going. Dustin and I played Pool, it was fun!

Friday night, Aug 26, we went camping at the KOA in santa cruz for the whole weekend. We love camping! We set up our tent on the site we shared with MIL and her tent trailer. MIL and julia as brought a laptop so every night we did movie night lol, we set it up with the LARGE laptop screen and big speakers, we watched shrek 2, winn dixie and the second night we watched Ring 2 which got the teenage guys from the site next to ours to pull up their chairs and watch with us all LOL. We roasted marshmellows, eat great up there lol, swam in the pool there, they had an awesome HUGE hot tub and they also had a mini golf land there. Saturday we went to the beach for the day (Sunset beach) we all got so sunburnt there. I made sure to take lots of pictures since the beach is one of our family traditions. The boys built some awesome sandcastles and I read my book most of the day (in fact I read the whole camping trip lol, it's a good book to, by Dean Koontz called "PHANTOMS").

We headed back to MIL's Sunday night. When we got home, Dustin and I decided we wanted to go on a date to the movies (first one in over a year and dumb me forgot the GC to chevys resturant here in Idaho so food was out lol) We went to see "Wedding Crashers" at the AMC movies. That movie was the best! SO FUNNY! I cried it was so funny! It was a great time and I was glad I got to spend that time with Dustin!

Monday we swam most of the day, we went to have dinner at my folks house that night. My dad had to go out of town for work (to SAC town) so it was just my mom. I knew this night would be very emotional for the two of us. I can not tell you how much I have missed my mother this past year we have lived in ID! We decided (dustin did lol, I wanted mexican "albertos") on Juicy burgers. So we all ate and then headed to the backyard for the boys to play. Austin was a pill and kept crying to go back to bubba karens house, finally he fell asleep. Aidan played with the water house and mini rocks my folks have in the back yard. We all sat out there talking about live and everything. It was great seeing my mom. Dustin stayed outside with aidan and my mom went to talk on the phone with my aunt so this gave me a perfect time to be alone (well minus my sleeping 4 yearold lol) to just sit in my moms room and cry. I sat there thinking about my life before, in this house, but most of all my mom. I went over to one of her dressers, she loves little nic naks and has them all about her room. I picked up this beautiful tea kettle that had flowers on the outside and little mice dabcing in the inside, I flipped it over and turned it on (it was a music box) I set it down and just listened. I use to do this all the time as a child with the nic nacs my mom had while I was growing up, I then took out my camera and took a picture of this dresser, WHY? Because this is my mom (well a part of her) this is who she is and I want to scrapbook it to remember how I felt about this and my mom. I then got super emotional and headed to her bed. I lay on top of her pillows and cried a good cry. I remember growing up in this house, I remembered my sister and I fighting from young children all the way to adult hood (18 in highschool) fighting over who was gonna sleep that night with mom, lol yes Grown girls in highschool fighting over this! It was only one day a week we would ask to sleep next to her in her room, my mom rasied us on her own until we were in our teens (well me, I am 4 1/2 years older then my sis) we have such a tight bond with our mother now. For the longest time in our childhood we had to share a room with our mother so we all slept in the same bed, and we were use to it, being with our mom. When my parents bought the house we all got our own rooms. And so the fighting between my sis and I began lol. It was getting late so we decided it was time to go, I hate this part so much, I am way to much of an emotional person and hate goodbyes. So we sad our goodbyes and I did very good. We got out to the car and guess what? Dustin left Aidans sippy cup in the fridge, YIKES, so I had to go back. I got to the door and felt the emotions rising, and then she opened the door. There she was my mother, crying so hard, just short of a sob, and then I began! We hugged and she told me I was not suppose to see her this way, I said I know, told her about the cup. I stood there for maybe 5 minutes just hugging my mother not wanting the moment to end! I have missed her so much and have had many moments here in ID where I wish she was close so I could talk to her, moving here has been great but GOSH do I miss my family like crazy! That has been the hardest thing for me! So I said goodbye for the second time and we left back to MIL'S for some packing and more goodbyes :(

Tuesday morning we got everything loaded back into the car and said our good byes to MIL, Peggy, Julia and Kate. Austin did very good, I thought for sure we would be hearing LOTS of crying for the first 3 hours of car ride to Russells house (BIL). On our way home it was decided that we would stop in at BIL's to visit with him and his family. MIL got us a hotel room 5 minutes from their house so we could have a place to rest before the super long car ride home. That was a great visit! Dustin had fun visiting his brother and I had fun talking to the kids and Marijane. We left for home on wednesday afternoon (5pm). We stopped at froster freeze (like their milkshakes) for a bite to eat and ht the road. It was so beautiful the first couple hours, all the trees and the breeze that went through the car. I truly miss California! We stopped at a Truck stop outside of Reno, and D said he was only going to sleep an hour, we ended up sleeping until 4am (yikes because Dustin had to be at work at 2pm), I drove about 2 hours and then we stopped at a gas station to fill the car up, While dustin was in the store he played the slot machine LOL and won a couple bucks, of course he emptied his winnings back into it lol. When we got to Winnamucca I decided to grab 4 quarters from the money tray and go potty then play the machines, my first time ever ( I have played a slot machine at my moms neighbors house on thanksgiving growning up (block party) but that is not the same. I put the first 2 quarters in, nothing, then when I put the 3rd in It started dinging, so I pressed the button where you choose to get the money you won, 40 quarters came popping out!!!!! I was shocked! lol WOOOHOOOO I won, may not have been to much but it was great, I of course put a bunch back into the machines LOL, so in all I can say my $1.00 I went in actually made us $4.00 when I was done playing lol so I did leave there with more money then I went in with. I put it all back into the change tray so D could use it it get snacks at work if he wants. I can tell you right now that we are gonna have so much fun in Oct, in Vegas! I am already starting to save the silver change in the house LOL ;)

Anyways we got home Thursday afternoon and just in time for my poor DH to go to work. I was so tired, I unpacked and went to bed! Friday I went out to put some apps in at places. I decided I want a parttime job a couple days a week just to get out of the house every once in a while. I have decided to make a bunch of new changes in which I really like! I have now made it through about half of my emails (there were so MANY!100'S) and am slowly getting settled back in. Today I got up early, showered and went back out for apps, I got one from Moxie Java, it looks like a great place! Now I am just popping on to get a little caught up and then need to get back to my page kits I have spread out and working on in the kitchen on the bar. It's great to be back! I have missed my blog :)


  1. Well I for one really missed you - glad you had a nice visit - and I hope that things settle down soon.

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  2. I am so glad to see you home and so happy! Imissed you!

  3. nikki i missed you!!! glad you had a great time!! that's a great pic too!