Thursday, September 22, 2005

silver lining

I was checking the pub out tonight and saw a post about the top 39 entries for the AF DT were getting emails tonight, so I of course ran, skipped, and jump all the way to my email LOL. I looked in my inbox, nothing, I then had a sunken feeling, this really was going to be the end of the world lol, then I peeked over to see if my junk folder had anything ( this is the folder that emails that have never been in my inbox go straight to), GUESS what was in there :) An email from alannah from Arctic Frog! I right away moved it into my inbox, by doing so if I EVER get another email (a girl could hope right ;) from her it would now go straight to my inbox =)

I was so excited! The email said "If you're getting this email, you were one of the 39 that I'd narrowed it down to after two rounds but had a hard time getting the group narrowed down any further, You guys have truely created some of the most innovative and creative things with my product that I've ever seen. It was just impossible for me to take any more than 10 people onto the team at this time but I hope in the future that if I have a need for good pages or projects you won't mind if I drop you an email to see if it's still available for use or if you'd like to create something similar for an assignment."

HOW sweet was that of her to do this! I can tell you right now that I feel so much better! Yes I am totally bummed that I did not make it but at least I know my work did not stink as much as I thought it did (blush) =(, I really need to learn to stop being so hard on myself! I was even not so nice to my husband tonight and for that I am ashamed! He called right when I was reading not making the team and I was kinda snappy, however he did call back a couple hours later when I was calmed down and said he thought I was being so funny and cute, like a little pouty girl lol.

I thought I would pop on and update about this awesome email and what a great person Alannah is for email all of us to let us know! She ROCKS!


oh and it is 9:30pm 30 minutes past the no noise rule in our apartment building and the woman downstairs is playing loud music, here I was forcing the boys to be quite back here and she is playing loud music =\


  1. Oh wow, now that's cool that you were that close! Something to really be proud of, Nikki!