Monday, September 12, 2005


I am so tired this morning, those darn Big Brother live feeds had me up late last night lol, the girls were being so funny I could not look away. First Janelle and April were outside at 10pm playing vollyball and goofing around, Janelle kept farting and then April started, so they were both laughing REALLY hard, all of a sudden Janelle looks shocked, grabs a towel from a chair and runs into the house saying she thinks she went in her pants, so April goes into the room with Maggie and Ivette and tells them Janelle just "Sharded" (shit fart). I was cracking up so hard, this girls were so funny. Later Janelle comes back and says she actually peed her pants from laughing so hard LMBO Also later that night Maggie and April were playing around with the people (BB) who do all the behind the scenes stuff, it was so funny, BB would talk to them or answer their questions with beep noises. They also could hear the woman who walks around with high heels on and they were calling her, stelitos or jimmy chos LOL. And BB was doing this to scare them like calling their names in a scary voice, it was so funny, even Dustin was laughing (he was next to me looking up a couple schools he is thinking about maybe going to, he wants to take a couple classes) I finally went to bed at maybe 2:30 am ( blushing smily, could not pull myself away from those house guest lol, and I found out this morning that they were up until 4am lol)

So I am pretty tired today and thinking about taking a nap. I did clean the house, do some laundry and walk 2.72 miles so far today, I got on the treadmill earlier, I plan to get on again later this afternoon, I need to start keeping up with it! I have also been drinking alot more water YAY. I switched for a while from my all time favorite "Aquafina" to "Dasani" which taste really good too, nice a crisp. well I think I am going to go cuddle in bed with my book and maybe take a nap, I need to get some page kits for ebay done tonight, I am hoping they sell :( my last one I did bombed big time! :( I don't know what to do, until I get a call back from the jobs I turned apps into or an interview eBay is my only income coming in and if it does not come in we are pretty much Screwed! ( I am getting scared!



PS- Miranda did you see the song I put up ;) lol remind you of two years ago (sept 2003) when we use to stay up late and listen to this, chat and work on layouts ;) YUMMY YUMMY John Mayer and his Yummy Yummy Lips ;)

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