Friday, September 23, 2005

Foot in mouth

Oh gosh am I having one BAD week! It's one of those weeks where you just wanna dig a hole and bury yourself in the sand, or lay in bed with the covers over your head. I am so depressed right now, it is taking every ounce of my being to not cry! It's there, oh believe me it is there and ready to burst like a valcano! I told myself an hour ago to just turn the darn computer off and scrapbook, or carpet clean, something else besides sit here and talk, chat or read! Something inside was just telling me to get off, back away, do something else, but did I listen? NOPE, I never do and then I get myself wrapped up in some deep POO! Not only have I put my foot in my mouth twice today but I have manage to piss a few people off without knowing what the heck I did wrong! I just know now I am being ignored! Why do I let things bother me so much? Why should I care if suzy que or buzzooka Joe don't like me? Stupid me but I do! It hurts the heck out of me! I put myself out there for everyone to see, I tried to do things for others, I have a huge heart, I always want the best for people, so why when I give nothing but my best (the best of me) to people do they then have to turn around and treat me so mean? My gosh why do I even care? I feel like screaming, like crying, like climbing in bed the rest of the day, just to get away



  1. Nikki,
    I am sorry things are sucking deep mud for you right now. You know I'm right there with ya sweetie and always have a free ear to lend and to listen when you need to vent. Lord knows I do my fair share and you're always there for me. I don't know who is giving you the cold shoulder but remember this....It is THEIR loss. ;) I mean that!! (((hugs)))

  2. I agree with Kristie, it's their loss. Nikki, are you are a great person. And have been so helpful to many people.

    Hugs and try and smile.

  3. Nikki - you get hurt because you ARE such a caring person and a talented person. If you did crap then no one would notice or care. Perk up coffee bean - you have tons of talent and a lot to be proud of - don't let the tards get you down! Who better than me should know!?!?