Wednesday, September 21, 2005


So sorry I have'nt updated this week. I have been so busy! We have been taking the boys out more, park etc, I have been walking alot more now to, need to lose some more pounds. So far since March (if you have followed my blog I have lost 33lbs. I have a few more to go though, so I am stepping it up. I really should be giving up my Soda now but GOSH it's just to hard!

Saturday Dustin surprised us (well he has been talking about this THING, all week but would not tell us what it was) with a Trip to mountain home to the airbase for an Air show! It was awesome! We all had such a great time! I took pictures of the airplanes the boys in them, oooooo and we all got to sit in a Black Hawk, it was AWESOME! They did this show with the planes that showed us what it would have been like if we were in a war, there were guns going off (you could feel them hitting the ground yards away, through your feet "vibrations") and there was this HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Bomb that went off far away there was fire everywhere and as we saw the long row of fire you could feel the heat and it was so far away, it was very scary thinking that was what it is like in the middle of a war.

I have been working hard this week on projects for DT's. I just finished my Projects for Moments Defined, I got word tonight that the DT members can share some of their work this weekend in an online gallery =) so I will make sure to share with ya'll. I am loving this paper! The colors are amazing! lol that is all I am gonna say =). Okay I need to finish Dinner, Dustin just called and said he is on his way home from work and I need to go read Pink is the new blog =) wonder if there is any new Britney "baby" updates, I LOVE my celeb gossip ;) Have a good night Ya'll!


PS- I am sooooooooooooooo flippin nervous! I applied to the Arctic Frog DT and am so nervous! The calls should be going out soon, last we heard the 200 hundred entries was narrowed down to like 39 or something like that, I wonder by some small chance I could be on of those? I should not get my hopes up, when I do it's like I jinx myself. OOOOOOO One more thing Did you guys see the new line of stamps at Wendi Speciale Designs? OMGOSH you have too! They are awesome!!!! It is a new Tattoo inspired line, and I am so LOVIN them! Can't wait to get my hands on some of those!

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