Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Up and at'em

I got up around 9 this morning, YAY I got to sleep in a bit, the boys had a video on and Dustin and I slept a little longer (him more so then me). I put a page kit up on ebay yesterday, and so far no bids :( I usually have a bid by now, The kit must stink, sad thing is I am half done making a matching boy one (pping is winne the pooh and Chris Robins).I hope my two weeks vacation did not mess up my Ebay vibe. The page kit does have 6 watchers but that means nothing, sadly my kits seem to get many watchers, but never anymore bidders, I have no clue what I am doing wrong now? Wish I knew.

I have most of the apartment clean now YAY, it's been a busy morning, Dustin finally got up at 11:00 and is now making breakfast for everyone. I decided to just have an apple, stinking to trying to lose more weigh, since March I have lost 30 pounds and I need to really start stepping it up again, I have alot more to go until I am finally happy with myself. Crossing fingers.

I am sorting through a ton of our VHS movies today, we are going to take them to Hastings and trade them in for some extra cash, I am also turning in my app for Moxie Jova, it is the only job I think would work for me and us right now, see I have to find a job that I can work early in the mornings, I have to be off by 10am- 11am in order for Dustin to go to work, his boss at Costco said I should come fill out an App for Costco anf work the 4am-10am seasonal stocking shift (items in the middle of the store, clothes, books, video games, computer stuff etc).

Okay well I better get going lots to still do today, Hope you all have a great day!


Update- (4:25pm)
We just got back from walking the boys a few blocks away to Liberty Park. Oh our way we saw a couple town house for sale, they were so nice, they had a yard in the front and back of each of them. Not sure how much one of those would cost? I wish we could have our own place already, hoping one day soon in the near future we will, It's one of my dreams for our family. Dustin and Aidan came right home to take a nap, Austin is playing video games, and before I start work I was thinking of making a bowel of Lucky Charms, I am a bit hungry now, and feeling a little down in the dumps for some reason today :( , hope it passes quickly...


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  1. goodluck with the job apps nikki! i'm sure you'll get some bids on your ebay stuff soon your stuff is awesome