Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mommy Morning Kisses

I slept in a little this morning and was awoken yet another morning by my son Aidan and his Mommy Morning Kissies :) he likes to climb into my bed and say "good morning mommy" and kiss my cheeks and lips until I wake up to say good morning to him lol, it's so cute. He has been potty training lately, Can you believe that! he JUST turned two! I think because he sees Austin doing it that he copies, so he goes the day with no diaper and it is kinda annoying lol, because he says he has to "go pee in toliet" every 5 minutes so I am getting a workout out of that and he has ruined about 6 rolls of toliet paper getting them soggy from throwing them into the toliet lol.

Well I was up late last night finishing up my DT stuff for Little Red scrapbook, I LOVED working with the Arctic Frog, I've always been a fan and have used AF papers alot. I have also had my Big Brother 6 live feeds on the past couple days all day so I can "hear" what is going on and said lol and every once in a while I will look over to see whats going on lol. I am soooooooooooooo Hoping Janelle wins the money in the end! She has played the game so well. I think April in going home on Tuesday. You would not BELIEVE what Ivette was saying about Janelle when Janey got americas choice, it was REALLY BAD! That girl has one heck of a mouth on her, just a few weeks ago she was telling the friendship not to talk about people that she had had enough of hearing it and now that it is down to the final 4 she is really getting mean, I feel bad for Janelle and her family, it was pretty bad! I missed last nights show, but not on purpose, I tried but some STUPID football game was on instead :( I was so mad! I need to get our cable back (we shut it off a couple months ago because it was just to expensive and not in the budget).

Speaking of budget, I am so sad :( I have a page kit ending again today and it's the second time I had to list it :( I guess it sucks and no one likes it :( Sad thing is I worked on that during vactaion and really loved the kit, maybe I should stop making paper piecings and just do a full elements page kit no paper piecing, they really seem to be out now, which sucks because it's something I am very good at!

Okay well I need to go take pictures of my DT stuff and then get started on some WSD DT stuff, Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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