Thursday, April 6, 2006

New layouts, John Mayer :)

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So did you notice (lol look I am talking like people actually read my blog LOL, Hi 2 people who read my BlOG) I added an MP3 player to my blog that plays only John Mayer :) And not only John Mayer but these are special songs...

* Man on the side- (This song is so beautiful and if you have the "Any given Thursday live" DVD or CD you will know it only this is not a live version

* Daughters- A version I bet you have not heard yet (If you know John he does a ton of different versions of each of his songs, you can find alot of them if you do a search)

* Sucker- This is a great love song, very cute and funny

* Your body is a wonderland- Another version I bet you have not heard.

* Old love- This is a Cover he did of Eric Claptons song.

* Untitled Demo (He wrote in 1999)- This song was a Christmas Gift from John to all us fans who chat on his blog. Thanks again John, I love it!

* Patience- Guns and Roses cover, John sings, I LOVE this one.

I hope you like them as much as I do, I know alot of people visit my myspace page daily just to listen to this so I thought I would share it hear to for all the John Mayer fans like me. Oh and Johns new CD "Continuum" will be out soon enough, He has been working hard on it :) I CAN NOT WAIT! LOVE me some John Mayer Music.

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Okay here are a couple layouts I made this past weekend for the Two Peas Pub layout a day challenge. I have not been able to post the rest because they are all DT assignments, I will post them when I can :) Here are the two I can post from this past weekend...

* Grrr that's what a dinosaur says

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* A boy and his Dad

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Okay well I am off to finish a layout and add a couple more blog links here on my blog, TTYAS



  1. LOve your lo's do not love John Mayer, lol. have fun today!


  2. I love your layouts Nikki. John Mayer is so great. My cousin in MA got her pic taken with him.

  3. LVOE YOUR LO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! It looks FANTASTIC!

  4. love the new LOs. See there are more then 2 that read your blog