Monday, August 7, 2006

Tired, eBay- should I? Or should I not?

I have been so tired lately. I go to bed at about 10:30pm and wake up at 8-8:30am, so I am getting enough sleep yet around 4-5pm I feel so beat. Like now, I have been typing this post for about a minute now and have yawned twice. I wanted to get on to listen/watch my big brother live feeds but think I may go read a little am take a small nap.

I worked so hard this weekend on layouts for eBay. I put them up yesterday but none have sold yet, maybe they are just crappy or eBay is slow again, It's so funny, when we seem to really need the money I get no bids, but when we are fine and it is just extra cash then they sell like crazy. I was excited to get started on more layouts and kits for eBay last night after listing but, now I feel discouraged, it always happens like this, then I am stuck, should I make more and pay the fees to list more kits so they don't sell and I end up owing eBay for layouts I listed that did not sell and am now stuck with? or Should I keep going and make more stuff because heck, maybe I will get lucky and get a bid? I am at a loss with this whole eBay thing, I am debating, should I continue it or should I just give it up, I start my job in three weeks full time (meaning 5 days a week, two hours a day), it pays more then eBay does in a week. I don't know, because I do enjoy doing eBay too. Like I said I am at a loss with this.

Yawn lol (I have done it two more times now)

well sorry this post is so boring today, like I said I am tired lol, okay I am going to go read a little than take that nap.



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