Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a Bella :)

Try the quiz it's FUN :)

You are observant, diplomatic and often aim to please. You are unaware of your attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company. You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone.
LOL okay I took the male one too :)
I am Edward (I thought this was strange, I thought I would be Emette)
You are talented, knowledgeable and people are drawn to you. You like a good challenge and enjoy the company of a select few, but this is because you are picky and can be set in your ways. Sometimes you over react when things don’t go well, but your intentions aregood and you’re priority is protecting the ones that you love.
How funny, I think both discriptions sound like me.
Also, I found this amazing short Story Stephenie Meyer did for her LSD church at Christmas 2006, check it out HERE.


  1. I really need to read these books!

  2. I just got one book so not sure I would be any character yet!