Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Library Trip


It is always an adventure when we take all three kiddos out with us, but it is ALWAYS tough when it's the library lol. We do tend to get a few stares lol towards the end of the visit when the kids start getting restless. I always go prepared ahead of time, I get all the log info and book call numbers online before we go so it can be and in and out visit, but it's one of my favorite places ever (you know how much I LOVE books lol), I could spend hours there, well I tend to get distracted by all the lovely books lol. This time I went with the intention of getting three books, well I left with this...


LOL, I could not help myself, there were so many to chose from and so many I let behind for another day :) Notice the subject of the books :) It's always been a dream of mine, ever since I was younger. I used to write short stories all the time :)


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