Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our little bike rider...

This boy can seriously ROCK! his bike! He learned to ride without training wheels a few months ago, in fact he learned the same day Austin did. Austin is 7 and Aidan is only 4 so this was pretty early. He is so good on it, he can even do a few tricks. He is just like his daddy in so many ways lol, Dustin is amazing on his BMX! When I met him this was like his all time favorite hobby. Figures our boys would follow in his footsteps, well Austin is a little scared of riding, he is pretty good just very serious about it. I tried to snap a few pictures of Aidan on his bike but he was just way to fast for my camera so this is the only one I got LOL...


He does have a helmet for it (there is a red and a blue one and the boys always fight over the red one lol) but I had not taken it out of the car yet (where the bike was when we took it to the park). Aidan was sick (24 hour flu bug) yesterday for the 4th so our plans to head to the beach and do fireworks was out. We do have a ton of sparklers so maybe next weekend.



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