Monday, July 7, 2008

There are no words....CBX Finalist

That can truly sum up what I am feeling right now...


I am still in so much shock about the email I just got from Courtney at Chatterbox. I can't believe that I am on this amazing list of talented people, anyone who knows me, knows what I feel and how long I have loved chatterbox. I am going to do my best once I get that box of CBX supplies to come up with something amazing. Even if I don't make this team, I am just so honored to make this list of 35 people, that is 35 out of 438. Can you people that? Someone please pinch me, this is truly amazing!

In other news, my poor baby girl is very sick right now. Dustin took Bella to the hospital tonight. She has a virus called Hand,foot,mouth so she has bumps in her mouth that are very painful for her, she can't really eat anything and the DR said they will be there for about 7 days. She also has a rash (bumps) on her body (hince the hand foot part). She has a high fever and will have one for a few days. she is so sick all she wants is to be held.


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