Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fall Smells, Name stamps and EBAY

It has been a busy weekend, but a good busy. I have managed to keep the house clean :), I have been sitting back here working away. First things first I have been working on a couple ebay kits, I just finished my "Let your dreams set sail kit" last night, it's boyish (a boy pping with a boat) well Dustin said what if I did one but changed it up a bit to gear towards a girl, hmmmm maybe I can, but a girl with a boat?, not sure. I am also finishing up my newest kit but decided to put that away for a couple hours to work on a layout for the FLY BY CK fall thanksgiving pages due on the 13th (not that I have a change but there is a layout I have wanted to make for a while about "FALL" (my favorite time of year) and this is a great time to make it ;). I will post more about it once it is done and sent in, maybe even added a couple pictures :).
I was talking to Dustin today when he called from work about all the calls that end next friday and how I want to at least take a little time of from working (ebay kits) to work on some layouts for them. Maybe I can do one kit and one layout a day? We'll see, crossing fingers and toes here lol.

Okay now on to this amazing new stamp at WSD, a couple weeks ago I made a post in the "rubber stamp" forum. It saidsomething like this...

"So I was sitting here working on some DT stuff and started sketching out my new layout, well I was adding stuff I want on and thought man I wish I had a stamp of each of the boys names lol then I started thinking what if there was a custom "name" stamp we could purchase in the store, So they would be like the "Adore" stamp in the store,Example one of my son's name is Aidan so it would be the same size as the adore stamp (same font etc) lol make sence? and if the name is longer it could be $.50 extra for each letter or something? LOL does this sound silly? LOL I don't know I just like adding my boys names on their layouts alot and I thought having a stamp with their name would be easy lol"

That, thread got so many people loving this idea. and what did Wendi post? "you speak...we listen" . So then, a couple nights ago I see a post from Wendi, saying she added a new stamp to the store, to go check out the homepage, so I go and what do I see????

Image hosted by

She DID IT!!!!! How amazing is that? And the example is MY SON'S NAME!!!! I was so excited I ran out to the front room to tell Dustin he had to come back a check this out lol. So guess what ladies (and gents ;) ) you can now get a custom name stamp at WSD, Each unmounted, custom word stamp will be 4.75' x 1.75'. And now matter how big the word or name is it is ONE set price, AWESOME I tell you! And think of ALL the things you can use these stamps on, Layouts, cards, You can stamp your childs name on a lunch bag, clothes (you can stamp then heat emboss with embossing powder on fabric!) last names on christmas cards, tags, there is just endless ideas on what you can do with this custom name stamp. I am soooooooooo Flippin (ND shoutout lol ;) I have been saying Flippin so much since watching that movie LOL)

I made another suggestion in the stamping forum about maybe getting a 1" stamp set upper and lower of the font used on the WSD stamps, how awesome would that be? again endless ideas for these too, so we'll see what Wendi thinks.

Okay well I need to get back to work. I will pop in a little later when I finish my layout :)

Oh I almost forgot WSD also has these cool new Mongram stamps in upper and lowercase, which is awesome because you can use them with the insert stamps.


  1. how cool nikki i'm thinking i have to booknote wendis site so next pay i can order a chloe & kaia stamp what an awesome idea.

  2. That's an awesome idea !!! I'll be checking them out ;)

  3. Nikki, on the idea of a girl page kit using the set sail idea, what about a little girl flying a kite.

    BTW, checked out the little boy's set, and it's too cute.