Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Vacation! I need one! **UPDATED!**

Okay this day is already turning into those ones where you keep saying over and over agin in your head that you need a vacation. I was awoken early By DH, then could not get back to sleep. Finally Aidan got up, I got him breakfast and came back to lay down. DH got up took a shower, he let aidan in the bathroom with him, next thing I know he is yelling about how Aidan got into something....My make up drawer, so now there is makeup everywhere including all over his face (yes I got pictures). So I have to clean all of that up, while dh gets ready for work and DMV (paying a ticket). Well I sit down to work on some ppings again and the phone rings, it's Dustin telling me he just got out of the dmv and the postoffice, okay cool, as we are talking I walk out to the living room to find aidan pulling the protective plugs off the outlits, GREAT! Now what do I do to stop him from trying to stick things in the wall? so now I have to move all my scrap stuff I am working on (table, lightbox, CS, PENS, ppings patterns etc ) out to the living room. I come back here because I heard a YOU GOT MAIL massage to check my email, when I go back out he has gotten into the fridge and has pour the gallon of milk into the trash can :( so now I have to clean all that up plus get the boys read to now run next door to walmart to get more milk :( When we get back I get on the phone with the bank, have to come back to my room to talk because the boys are being loud and I can't hear, when I go back out the whole box of trix cereal is on the living room floor (AHHHHHH) So I have to come back here and get the vacuum and vacuum the cereal off the floor (what a waste!). I start working again, the phone rings again, it's a person asking if I have any clothes or items for this charity collection, I come back here to hear and talk to here. When I hang up I head back out towards the living room, no aidan, so I start searching the apartment for him, I turn the corner of the kitchen bar and that is when I see it! SOOOOOOOO FREAKIN GROSS! My son has managed to take his diaper off, he went ahem poop and it is now smeared all over the dining room wall (BY NOW I am in tears, what the HECK!!!!!!!!!! Else can go wrong today?) So I grab the lysol wipes and start cleaning that mess up. While I am doing this he opens the pantry door and pulls the HUGE bag of coco puffs (the generic kind in the huge bag at walmart) off the shelf and I guess the last person to eat them forgot to seal it because NOW there is this HUGE mess of little brown balls all over the kitchen floor! GOD what did I do to deserve this today? So I am praying in my head now for it to all end and let me get some peace and I am also cursing in my head why why why? So here I sit, I think things are calm, sounds calm, I can not wait for nap time today lol. Okay I better got get back to work, if anything else happens today I think I will need to take that vacation, hmmmm catalina sounds nice right about now ;)

Hoping you all are having a better non eventful day then I am!



Okay someone up there must not like me today! I am working my behind off to get these ppings done and overnighted now. But nothing, noone is letting me do this, I am about to freak out so bad, can't anything go right today? I am going to have a freakin heartattack (or maybe a panic attack!) so I am back here now working, it was to nosey out there and I could not work, so I moved back here again, the phone has rang about 8 times since last I posted! And everything else has gone wrong. You would not believe what Aidan has been up to now! Oh and I took pictures for those of you who would not believe all of this stuff could happen to me today! PROOF!

So for the freakin second time today my son has taken his diaper off and smeared is gross poop on the wall! Had to clean that up. Then my sister calls, so I am on the phone with her since I have not spoken to her in a while and she is telling me about school and honor roll (I am so proud of her! She has really turned her life around for the better!) anyways so I am walking out to the kitchen while on the phone and who do I see?, Aidan with the brand new jar of peanut butter all over the carpet his clothes and hands and face and he was smiling. So I put the phone down carry him to the bathroom unlock it (we keep it locked because of how scary aidan can get (lol hince today all this stuff). so he is in there I tell my sister goodbye because it is to crazy, as I hang up and head back to the bathroom I get to the door way and what do I see? Aidan with hot wheel in hand toss it in the toilet and flush, hot wheel gone to the ocean for all I know (wish the hot wheel would have let me hitch a ride, I would have been more then willing to go today). So I get him out of the tub sit here for a second PRAYING OUT LOUD that GOD just take all of this for me today and let me get what I need to done.I go out to clean up the peanut butter and my older son has walked all through it so now there are peanut butter tracks all over the living room and dining room (hansel and gredel can surely find their way home in my house with these tracks) Then I get an email from ebay :( Because our bank is overdrafted and we have been working with the bank, ebay tried to take my monthy fees out, but was declined so now they are shutting my listing and buying options off until I pay the fees!!! OMG what next, without ebay I can't pay the damn bank off there for we are really up shit creek this time (sorry for that curse word :(). I feel like my life in this one single day is over! Everything is going bad, I am trying to stay positive but it's not working, I even had a melt down and called dustin begging him, pleading with him that he please rush home to save me and take the boys out so I can get my work done, please if you pray, say one for me? I really need it today :(

Okay off to try and work again :(



  1. I can tell you're the mother of boys! lol Been there, done that, don't wanna do it again! Here's to a better day!

  2. Ohmigosh, Nikki!!! I'm praying that tomorrow is a much, much, much better day for you.

    I had a neighbor who used to wrap duct tape around her son's diaper so he couldn't wipe his poo on everything.

  3. oh nikki (((HUGS)) i'm sorry you're having such an AWFUL day. . please email or IM me if you want to talk!

  4. Oh Nikki, I'm so sorry that the day has been so bad. And praying tomorrow is better and you can get everything took care of and worked out.