Wednesday, July 6, 2005


I have been super busy so I have'nt really had enough time to update. I have been cleaning like a mad woman today, I should not be sitting here but needed the break for a few minutes. We are having an apartment inspection (everyone one in the building is) so I had to patch a couple holes (toys hitting the walls in the boys room) paint, carpet clean, scrub walls etc. I am so tired today too. I was up late watching the movie "TROY" (very good movie, UM YUMMY Brad Pitt!) and working on a page kit. I slacked on the page kit yesturday to work on a couple cards for some current calls. It was fun working on cards, I really like making them. I am hoping to get this laundry pile on my bed folded and hung and then as soon as I finish cleaning I need to get back to my page kit. Two of my page kit auctions are ending tonight, so I would like to have something else up soon. My other page kit up is a bomb :( I really loved the way it turned out but I guess no one else thought it was nice (0 bids), hoping for a last minute bidder, not holding my breathe though.

Lets see, our 4th of July was so much fun, we sepnt the day here together and at about 7pm we went to the inlaws. We had a great BBQ dinner ( Hot dogs hamburgers, baked beans with bacon, corn on the cob, watermelon and coleslaw.) The boys played in the pool for a while, we all played with bubbles, out on the grass, feed the neighbors goasts and cow lol, and we did some fireworks there. I took about 60 pictures. After we left there we headed to Caldwell for the 10:30pm firework show. We set up our blanket right under where the fireworks would show the best. Aidan kept running away to see other people lol and Dustin would have to run after him. as soon as they started and went off right over our heads the boys LOVED it, Austin plugged his ears and Aidan kept saying "AWESOME" lol. I took a few pictures, just a couple I liked though.

When we got home at about 11pm we sat in the carport and did somemore fireworks, Austin did a bunch of sparklers. It was a great day!

Well Dustin just seems to not be able to get a break at costco with his job hours, they changed them on him again! I was so pissed! Just when they were as perfect as they could be (7:30-4pm shift weekends off) they change them again. What gets me is they tell him YES this will be your set hours and then a week goes by and they change them, this always happens. It's so annoying for our family, we make plans, plan on them happening and then this wishy washy crap happens! He works so hard for them!

Okay well I better get back to my housework. TFL



  1. so where are those pictures? :) I wanna see!

  2. i'm with jen ..i wanna see them too :)

    i've missed reading. .update more often girlie!!!