Thursday, July 7, 2005

Walking Zombie

LOL Okay I am asking you now to please forget any spelling or typos, I am a walking Zombie today. If it were not for my can of Coke and my Cheese it's party mix, I think I would be slumped over in this chair, forehead stuck to the keyboard sleeping away ZZZZZZZZ. I am at the point right now where if someone asked me a question it would take at least 5 minutes to figure out what the first word was lol. I am so happy to say I have the most spotless apartment ever lol. I was up until 3:30am and back up at 7:30am finishing up the cleaning for the apartment pre-inspection by the manager today. They want to check for stuff that needs to be fixed before the owners of the apartment come in to inspect all apartments (oh the joys of apartment live, I wish calgon could wisk me away to the time in our lives when our dreams of owning our own home where here) I hate apartment living. We have had our share of noisy neighbors, partie neighbors, witnesses fights going on, fireworks going off all around any time of the year (curse those darn firework stands ;) they allow people to stock pile fireworks all year long). Oh I wish the manager would get here so I could nap with the boys. All I keep thinking about is sleep. And my nice clean apartment :) it looks so good that I even thought about taking pictures lol. You know Pictures to prove to myself and DH that this house can look good all at once lol ( although I have had to pick up many legos and toys this morning over and over again) I have one more load of laundry to go into the wash and two more loads to fold and the laundry will be done YAY. Hmmmmm have you ever listen to a dryer, the soft humming sound, so relaxing, makes you want to nap....zzzzzz, lol AHHH I am so tired. With my luck these people will be here at 5pm. By then I will look like spongebob (the way he looked in the spongebob movie after eating all the icecream and waking up the next morning on the floor of the icecream place) yep that will be me, answering the door to those people.

Okay well I better go fold this last load of laundry, TTYAL


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  1. Finally, someone else who understands the trials of apartment living. On July 4th, we had neighbors outside shooting off fireworks until 3 am. It's almost enough to make moving into the mountains and becoming a hermit look like a really good idea!