Tuesday, July 12, 2005

WOWIE! BIG TOOT, DT and cleaning, charity auction

Phew, where to start? I did not get to bed until Weee weee weee early morning (lets just say passed my normal 2am (scrapping time) lol. So I was pretty tired. LOL I don't know what happened, I set out to start a baby layout but could not find the pictures for it in the 4 photo boxes I have on my shelves above my scrap table (there are 1000 pictures in each box (shock lol). so I then go into my closet for more boxes of pictures, NOTHING! I am so sad at the pictures I did take, I am going to have to take the negatives to costco and slowly have each one blown up so I can get a better picture to scrap, they were all just taken so far away. In searching for baby pictures, it ate up lots of time and before I knew it, it was almost time for Dustin to get up for work LOL. So I crawled into bed and cuddled him and fell asleep. I most have been passed out because I never heard his alarm go off or him leave this morning. Well I decided to go lay in the boys room with them LOL, (sometimes I can get a little more sleep if I am in the same room with them, they don't move through the house when the get up then LOL) well aidan woke up an hour later. so I went back to sleep at about 10:00am when aidan fell back to sleep.

I was awoken by the phone at 10:30, but when I answered they hung up, so I went back to sleep lol. Well at about 11:30 the phone rang again, I let it ring two times and thought okay I need to get up so I will answer. So I answer thinking it is Dustin (he calls a couple times a day when he is at work on his breaks or lunch when he is bord), nope I hear a woman's voice. She asks if this is Nikki. I say yes. She then tells me she is Angela from "Moments Defined", right then I snap out of my grogginess (lol is that a word?) and try clearing the frogs from my throat, my heart starts racing. I say HI :) she asks how I am doing and if it is a good time to talk, I say yes sure it is, I just woke up and proceed to tell her why I was still sleeping lol (insert blushing smiley here), I am so embarrassed now lol, I think I rambled on about it like a nut LOL. She was so sweet and so kind! She talked a little about what is going to happen this week, etc. She also told me she is a fan of WSD stamps :) and just bought the July kit and loved one of the layout I did using the stamps :), Oh and she also read my blog (yet another blushing smiley here). I think I must have told her Thank you Thank you Thank you so man times lol and a few WOW I am so excited in there. I can not tell you the excitement I was (am) feeling! Just as soon as we hung up I called Dustin's cell phone to tell him. He was equally as excited as I was. WOW! I can't believe this is really happening, someone pinch me because this has to be a dream ;) I am so thrilled to be apart of this endeavor. I can not wait to get started! I am so biased right now, and blessed to be apart of two absolutely wonderful Design teams (Wendi Speciale Designs and Moments Defined).

I was surfing the Pub this morning and read a post from Kara, she was talking about the laundry she needs to get done, and that reminded me that I have lots of cleaning to do today as well lol, so I started and am now almost done YAY, I just have my bathroom, vacuuming the living room and the rest of the laundry to do. Then I can upload my new ebay kit and working on somemore ppings for Donna :)

Oh before I forget, The Lifetime Moments charity auction starts Thursday, Mely and I have lots of work to do for that to, so if anyone (lol those of you who read my blog) has any handmades they can donate to the auction at LM please email lmcharityauction@gmail.com for those of you who have no idea what this is, every year at LM we host two auctions of just handmades for a few days to earn money for children who need a Christmas, (called "giving from the heart"), we have been doing this each year for three years now, and have helped so many children have a good Christmas, and I am just so honored to be apart of this (Thanks Mely and Jackie), It is such a wonderful thing to read how happy we have made the parents and kids who need a little help each year. Lat year we sponsored well over 100 kids! Can you believe that! Everyone of those woman at LM who made things for the auction or bought them, or even sponsored one of the children, made a huge difference for a child on Christmas, and it just warms my heart and makes me so teary-eyed to think about all these women who care so much! Here is a link to more info on the Auction if you are interested.

Okay well I need to go save my hair brush from an almost two year old boy who is brushing the pink hair of his "my little pony" he got out of a happy meal. LOL Thanks for reading this far, and sorry for typos or mis-spellings, I did not proof read lol.

Have a Great day!



  1. i'll say it again, congrats. enjoy yourself and share some great stuff with us.


  2. Congrats Nikki! I think you are awesome and I love your work.

  3. congrats nikki. care to share some of your talent and good luck with me ;) :)

  4. Congrats, Nikki!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

  5. congrats nikki! and thank you to both you and mely for all the hard work you girls do with the auction.

  6. CONGRATS, NIKKI! You SOOOO deserve it! Loved your post answering the DT question the other day, too!

    Have so much fun!


  7. congrats nikki! im so proud of you!