Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just another day and yankees too

Geeez I think I have a headache from the AC, can that happen? It is almost like it started in my ears. Well I went to bed kinda late last night, Dustin rented a movie called Team America I think, it was so dumb! In fact I fell asleep in the middle of it lol and he had to wake me up to tell me to go to bed lol. I watched "Mean Girls" today, it's not like other teen movies, this one was actually good.

I spent the day cleaning the apartment and hanging out with the boys. I have so much laundry to do still YUCK! So I will continue to do that tonight as well as finish my DT projects, they are due on the 25th/26th when Wendi get's back from her exciting trip. I am half finished with another layout, this one is of Aidan. I plan to spend the rest of the night working on my DT stuff and watching the movie "Control" with Ray Liotta and Michelle Rodriguez. I just lite one of my MANY yankee Candles (These are my most favorite candles ever! and I kinda collect them lol) I am burning Hazelnut Coffee right now, but my most favorites are any one of the apples (apple cider, macintosh ,warm apple crisp, apple pie etc) and all the fall scents like, cinnamon, spiced pumpkin, pumpkin pie, Harvest, cinnamon stick, and I love Sunflower YUM YUM! I love the way a yankee candle can make the whole room smell so darn good! I was so happy last year when costco sold the candles "Plymouth Bay" by Yankee candles. You would get Three 25.1 Oz candles for only $19.99, can you believe that? Just for one of those at any store that sells Yankees are over $20 so that was such a steal! In October they had a set that had, Pumpkin Fest, Apple Grove and Gourmet vanilla, and in December they had Christmas-y scents, but then they just stopped selling them :( made me so sad! I should have stocked up on them LOL. Now if I want some I have to drive all the way to the mall in Boise. It's worth it for my candles though lol. I love to lite candles well I scrapbook :) Do you have a favorite Yankee candle? If so which ones?

Okay well I better go get back to work :) Hope you all have a great night!


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  1. LOVE yankee candles. . . i have lots of favorites. .right now we're burning juicy orange. . and i love vineyard (which they're discontinuing :( ) . . and i LOVE the fall scents too. . and mistletoe in the winter time :)