Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday afternoon with the Inlaws

You ever wake up and know that today is not a good day to go visit people? Well this is how I felt yesturday (for a while anyways) We had plans yesturday to go to the Lake. I invited my FIL and STEPMIL to go with us. Well we called them around 11:30am to see if they were still up to it, it was suppose to rain in the late afternoon but looked sunny and nice outside at 11:30 not to mention it was already 86 outside. Well they did not want to go, and some how OUR plans for still going to the Lake foiled when they asked DH if we wanted to just spend sometime there. So at first I said no, because I have so much EBAY work to do, so I said that DH and the boys should go. DH said it would only be an hour or so and that he wanted me to go, so I said okay. Well we get there and the boys are outside with FIL and the dogs and I am in the kitchen talking to STEPMIL. She starts talking about this BBQ we are all having next Monday for July 4th, Okay hold up WHAT? What BBQ? First off we have plans already to go to this firework show downtown that we went to last year with the boys (who LOVED it!), we were making it one of our Idhao Family traditions. Well when I told her that she was so angry with me! She went on about how She told DH about it last week and that she took the day after the 4th off ,etc, etc. (Might I add that this kinda thing seems to happen alot! If we have our own family plans, we could have them for months, if they want to do something with us even if they know we have plans we ALWAYS have to change them, and to me this makes me feel like we are still 12 years old and are being told what we can and can't do! They had their family to raise with their family traditions, sure it is nice to get together with family on certain occasions, and occasions you agree on to do together, but the way I was made to feel yesturday, the way I was yelled at was ridiculous. When do we get to be adults and get to make decisions on our own? We are grown adults! I am so thankful that my parents treat us like adults! My parents always ask us first if we have plans and ask us BOTH if it is okay before anything is "for sure a go-ahead".

Well I was pretty upset about the way I was treated, so I went outside with the boys and DH. We were out there for a while running around the HUGE backyard. Finally we went into the first yard in the back (this one is the one that holds the patio set and grassy area) The boys played on the grass and Dustin and I sat there with FIL. after a while DH and Fil went into the house to pick some music to turn on and that is when I heard STEPMIL and DH talking about the BBQ and stuff on July 4th. She was so mad! She was like "so I hear you guys are doing something else on the 4th, well that is fine go do what you have to do, but I did take the next day off just for you guys and the BBQ etc etc, then I hear well SHE SAID you guys have plans"
So DH tells her well you said we could have a BBQ here, so I was just planning for us to come to the BBQ, spend sometime with you guys and then later we (our family) could head to the firework show (I would also like to add that I also mentioned this when I spoke with STEPMIL in the kitchen earlier, even asked if she and FIL would like to come with us to the show and she snapped at me "well We don't like to take long drives" okay well that is new to me but whatever!).

Well later that afternoon it was finally agreed that we would do the BBQ, then in the evening drive down to the fireworks show all together and then drive back to their house for fireworks. This is okay with me (although I already know something will happened and more then likely it will not end up this way :( ), But I also would like to add that this crap drives me crazy! WHEN WHEN WHEN Will we ever be able to have one flippin holiday to ourselves to do what we want, to make our own family traditions?

Anyways, I did not bring my camera yesturday because I thought it was just going to be a quick visit, but I really wish I would have. The boys played in the mini pool they bought for them ,and to bathe the dogs in :{ they had yummy orange cream icecream bars that would have been great to take pictures of lol. After a while things got better, but I am still upset with the way I was treated etc. We came home and DH, who's back had been sitting in the sun was as red as a lobster (poor guy) and a couple of spots on Aidan were red, were we missed putting sunscreen on lol.

Today is rainy, a couple times this morning I was awoken to LOUD SUPER LOUD thunder that scared me lol. I plan to spend the day working on ebay stuff, We could really use the money right now! Okay I better get back to work.

Have a great day and I will TTYL



  1. aren't inlaws fun?? why WHY is it that it's always the man's family causing trouble LOL :) :)

  2. LOL Amanda, I so wonder the same thing lol ;)

  3. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - well you know how I feel about your inlaws. I'm so sorry!

  4. LOL, Nikki, that's how my parents are! We have to help them with THEIR bbq on the 4th. Never mind that we would rather relax and have a laid back holiday, they have to invite all their friends over and let us do the work!