Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Sleepin in

The past two days (With Dustin's new work hours) he has been getting up at 7am and he lets me sleep in a little. it's been nice. I am folding clothes and then need to clean the bathrooms. I was planning on cleaning out the boys room and then carpet cleaning in there but I think I am going to hold off for a while, wait a few days because I want it to be clean and nice when mil comes next week, if I do it now then I will just have to do it again in a week. I just finished watching little black book. It was pretty good, made me cry, lol all movies happy or sad make me cry lol, yep I am a big ol' sap ball. I am now watching Harry Potter III. I LOVE Harry Potter, I am such a HUGE fan and so is Austin :) I am taking him to see the 4th movie in Nov.

I purchased a couple more stamps from Wendi Speciale Designs I can not wait to get them. I must say I am hooked. I really hope I have time for a little scrapbooking today. I just need to finish cleaning and this page kit and then I can work on a layout. It will be the first time in a month. I think I have just not been very motivated lately.Okay I better get a move on it.

Hope you all have a great day!



  1. Those are awesome stamps Nikki. One thing, are those the real prices?! $40 for a 5x7 sheet of alphas?!?! [see my jaw drop open]
    That's no CA $$, is it?

  2. yep, the alphas are $40 each, I don't have enough $ right now to get any of those, but all the other stamps (my favorites are the words and images) are great prices, and ohmygosh Terra they are addicting LOL. I have a few of the word stamps and just got a couple of the new circle ones (100% and charmer), They work great for me because I can use them not only on EBAY kits but for personal use (layouts, cards, etc)

    They are made on clear unmounted rubber and have so much detail. And you can use the magnet system (I think I like the magnet backing better then EZ mount now, for some reason my EZ mount is not sticking much anymore but that could be because I have used them (on my MoBe's) so much lol. If you wanted to try one out, I would try the speciale deal that is going on right now (I got it lol) http://wendispeciale.com/deal.php

    It's an unmounted Flower stamp that measures 1.7 x 1.7.
    and it comes with ONE 2x2 MAGMOUNT (wooden mount with magnetic backing) for this stamp and that is FREE, for only $4.49. I think it is neat because now I get to sample the Magmount system.

    LOL Okay I think I wrote a book here for you lol, I can't help it, I am so excited about these stamps, they really are neat and have so much detail, I just love the detail in the paisley stamp, Dustin even commented on the detail lol. Thanks for the comment in my blog Terra :)

  3. ohhhhh how fun! New stamps! I wanna see layouts with them!