Friday, June 10, 2005

Really Trying and being published

Sorry about not updating yesturday. Well I have finally moved on to the Leslie Sansone "Walk away the pounds" two mile DVD :) It's the "High calorie burn" workout. Two walk two miles with this DVD it is a 30 minute workout, which is good because your suppose to do a 30 minute workout a day :) This one was so much fun and I kept thinking WOW it's already a half mile, mile, two miles. And this workout gives me so much energy! LOVE IT!

I received an email yeaturday from Scrapbook Trends. They are going to publish my "My Christmas Jammies" layout in their "Holiday ideabook". I am so excited :) I just packaged it up and sent it off to the PO with Dustin. I also sent a special box to a friend :) she should be getting it soon! Hope she likes it!

Dustin and I rented the butterfly effect and close your eyes last night. The boys went to bed and we watched The butterfly effect, wow I can say that this movie have me on the edge of my seat but BOY did I not like the ending :(, it was just to sad! I did really like the movie though :)

Okay well I have to go clean the kitchen, vacuum, laundry and then I get to come back here and scrapbook YAY lol :) I will post more later.

Have a great day

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