Thursday, June 2, 2005

Sex and the city, and other news

I am sooooooooo tired today, we went to Hollywood Video yesturday and rented some movies (we are on the MVP plan there where it is $9.99 a month you just pay that amount each month and you can rent unlimited movies for the month free. So Dustin got some movie with the ROCK in it and I got Sex and the city The complete third season volume one and two. I stayed up until 2:30 am watching them all lol, I was hooked. But now I am so tired. I am going to take the three movie back this afternoon and get season three volume three and the first two from season four. When Sex and the city first came out I LOVED it of course I was single then and had time to watch it. I even own season one and two :) After getting Married having kids etc, I could never stay up late enough to watch it, so I missed out on season three-six. I plan to get caught up this week ;). I also want to rent "six feet under" season 1-2 I started watching third season so I missed alot. Oh I also saw another one there I want to see with Kristy Ally called "fat actress". I like watching movies well I work on EBAY kits.

I got up at 7am today, I got to sleep in a little. I cleaned the kitchen, bedroom, one of the bathrooms, and folded and put the laundry away. I also got to clean my scrap area last night and think I might just work back here today. I am soooooo tired though, I can't stop yawning and my eyes feel heavy. I think there will be a nap for me today lol. Maybe I should do my walk away the pounds dvd, I bet that would bring me some energy. I need to finish this page kit I have been working on and then Dustin wants me to clean the scrap stuff out of our walk in closet so I can start hanging our clothes up in there, since my scrap area/office is now in the corner of our room.

Okay well I better get back to work. I will update more later today.

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